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The Knobby Thing


There was a question in the comments on my post about the kitchen in regard to the “knobby thing” seen on one of the upper cabinets. I, too, did not know what that was, and I can’t remember now who explained it to me. (The week I moved in here is a little blurry with activity and upheaval!) But someone told me that it was to hold a kitchen towel. I’ve never seen anything like it before, but maybe I’m sheltered. If you look at it from the side, there’s a marble in there.

I would rip the whole thing off but I’m afraid it would leave a mark on the cabinet. When you look inside the cabinet, there’s no screw visible, so it has to be attached directly to the exterior of the cabinet.

See, it holds a towel! But I just did that for demonstration purposes. I keep my food processor below that spot, and it’s not even that close to the sink. Anyone have one of these? Seen one in another kitchen? Would you rip it off? Do you want to come over and rip this one off? I don’t like it. I’m trying to figure out some way to decorate around it to hide it. Maybe I’ll make some crafty thing and stick it in there, instead of a towel!

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The Kitchen and I


The kitchen and I are working on each other. I’m not sure the kitchen is making an effort, but then I’m not sure I am, either. However, I did paint the kitchen the other day when the satellite internet was out for the whole day.

It wasn’t a dramatic change. The color of the kitchen was a pale yellow, as opposed to the violent yellow found throughout most of the downstairs. I painted it in the neutral “sandbar” that I’ve used throughout most of the downstairs.

You find out a lot about a home’s decor history when you paint it. There are always remnants of past jobs. Before the kitchen was pale yellow, it was a color that reminds me of a pink tomato. Not really pink, but not really red, either. You can see it here on the outlet.

It was quite a bold choice for a very small room.

I bet it went well with the violent yellow. I do know that the previous owners are the ones who painted the trim white in the house. They told me it had been the plain stained wood when they moved in. Therefore, since remains of the pink tomato color can be seen on the white trim in the kitchen, I believe they were the ones who painted it pink tomato. At some point, I also suspect that someone, a tiny bird or a real estate agent, said, “How about that pink tomato?” And suggested they paint it something less… your face….while they were trying to sell the house.

The neutral sandbar didn’t make a big transformation, but the walls needed a fresh coat of something anyway, so I gave it a facelift with my own color choice.

After painting, I replaced the shiny brass cabinet knobs with a more toned-down brushed nickel. Like paint, cabinet knobs are an inexpensive way to update a room.

Once I painted, I hung a few things on the walls. There’s not much room to hang anything on the walls because there’s not much wall space.

I don’t know where my mother got these rooster plates, but I know that they were painted in Italy and she always had them in her kitchen when I was growing up.

See, I come by my love of chickens honestly.

This gorgeous spoon was carved by Don (husband of Shelley–from the forum) of Twiggity Farm.

It’s made of sassafras wood, and was a very lovely gift to me from them after I moved to Sassafras Farm.

I actually do like this light fixture.

And I love the built-in cookbook shelf and the spice shelf.

Love the pull-out shelves in the cabinets.

Love the microwave shelf.

Love this little key/mail holder thingy that the previous owners left.

Love the extra pantry cabinets just outside the kitchen.

Someday, I would like to replace the countertops, which are in sad shape and were improperly installed. Surely it wouldn’t cost much since there’s not much countertop space anyway. (I apologize, dear kitchen, for so often insulting you.)

Replacing anything other than cabinet knobs is not on my list for this year, however.

I’m working on learning to love the kitchen as it is. After all, the kitchen and I spend a lot of time together.

Dear kitchen, did I not give you new plumbing? I’m trying.

Kitchen: “I think the plumbing was for you, Woman.”

SEE?! What did I tell you? The kitchen is making no effort.

Dear kitchen, I was just about to tell you how adorably light, bright, and airy you are…..


I think we need counseling.

Or make that at least one of us…..

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