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Two Things


1. These frowny faces. What is that about? I’ll be specific in case any readers who live around here might know the answer, or have seen them, too. There are several houses on Highway 119 in Gandeeville that are sporting these frowny faces. On odd spots, like a trash bin, a rooftop, posts, and at one location, on a chimney. Painted DIRECTLY on the chimney. That’s a real commitment to the frowny face when you paint it on your chimney. WHY? What do the frowny faces mean? If you don’t know, feel free to spin conjecture! Morgan and I are wondering. If you do know, tell me! Here are a few examples:

2. I’m doing something. I can’t tell you about it right now because I have to get back to doing it. But I’m not moving to another farm (ha) AND I’ll tell you about it tomorrow when I’m done. Deal?

Now somebody explain those frowny faces! Or make something up, I don’t care, I need an answer even if it’s not the real one.

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A Very Big Cookie


Morgan has never been a big fan of cake. (She doesn’t like pie, either! What is up with that?) In particular, she doesn’t like icing on cake, and this year she asked for a big cookie. No cake at all. Just a big cookie.

To make the big cookie, I made a regular size batch of cookie dough. (Right off the back of the chocolate chips package.)

Spread the cookie dough around in the pan until a reasonable circle is achieved.

This is the easiest birthday “cake” I’ve ever made.

Definitely easier than the year I made two spaceship cakes for a joint birthday party for Ross and Weston, little aliens landing from the ship included. I’d show you a photo of that if I could lay my hands on one. It was magnificent. The entire birthday party was quite elaborate with all sorts of homemade spaceship games and prizes. I’m so glad I’ve retired from managing children’s birthday parties. It was fun, but I’m okay with being done.

I’m not an artiste, but I did my best to decorate the giant cookie in festive fashion. Okay, I drew a floppy-looking flower on it and wrote Happy Birthday, Morgan. But that was fine. She loved it!

(Do you see? I hung a potholder on the knobby thing. For no good reason. FYI, a recipe card or photo won’t stay, too thin.)


Oh, yes then.

I had a terrible internal revelation. I’d made a dreadful mistake, an irretrievable lapse, a mortal faux pas.

But I came up with a plan!

Morgan stood there holding her big cookie, waiting expectantly.

I yanked open a drawer and fumbled through it. I pulled out a lighter and flicked the Bic. I said, “Morgan, blow it out!” She said, “What?”

I said, “Blow it out! Then I’ll light it fifteen more times and it will be JUST LIKE YOU HAD BIRTHDAY CANDLES!”


Sometimes, she just doesn’t think I’m that funny.

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