We raise registered Nigerian Dwarf and Fainting goats. See all my goat stories for tips on milking and raising goats, and for mostly a bunch of fun.

The Easy Way to Milk Goats
I See Chevre
Annie’s Trick
The New Milkers
New Friends!
Mama Maia!
A Bonding Moment
Waiting for Babies
How Are the Girls?
Tutu Case Closed!
Maia’s Day Out
Maia Has a Mini Me!
Tutu Incoming
A Stinky Question
Pack of Girls
My Trunk Is Bleating
The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful
Look What I Found in the Barn
Goat Wears Tutu, Stops Traffic
The Great Costume Debate
Here Comes Maia
This Little Goat and Me
Moving in the Wrong Direction
Back Porch Parade
Baby Drinks Bottle of Water!
Playing with the Babies
Morning with Bottle Baby
Four Girls and a Goat Burger
Dog Gives Birth for Second Time!
Dog Gives Birth to Goat
Ghosts of Christmas Past
Slight Comic Relief
A Real Milking Parlor
First Baby Born at Sassafras Farm
Christmas Angel
Farm Under Construction
Cookie Doe
Guess Who?
Goat Jewelry and Size Comparisons
The Ball Pops
The Fainting Farm
Trouble in the Garden
The Buck Doesn’t Stop Here
New House Dogs
Granny Nanny Has Her Way
Sly Devil
The Duck ‘n’ Buck Yard
Back to the Bottom
The Muck and the Mud
Romper Room
Mr. Pibb Makes a Move
A Mother, After All
Milk for the Little Guy
As the Goat House Turns
The One with No Mother
Fanta Has Babies!
Nutmeg Has a Baby!
The Christmas Queen
Robber Barons
Snow Daze
Big Daddy
Who Loves You, Baby?
Stack ’em Deep, Feed ’em Cheap
Hoof-Trimming Party
Head ‘Em Up, Move ‘Em Out
Clover Has Babies!
Dear One
Cast of Goats
Biscuit Power
That’s Dominatrix to You, Buddy
Woman Attacked by Goats, Film at 11
Active Imagination
New Series!
Meanwhile, Back at Motel 6
I’ve Never Seen Such Carrying On
Setting Goals for Clover
Mr. Pibb Goes to Stringtown Rising Farm
She Was Supposed to be on the Naughty List!
Give This Bottle Cap a Name!
Where to Get Goats
Sometimes I Can’t Believe
It Was Clover in the Lounge with a Candlestick
Night on the Farm
Here Come the Brides
She’ll Change Her Mind When Modern Bride Calls
Clover Says
In and Out
Oh, Lover Boy
An Udder Mystery
The Coming of Sprite
Cookie Monsters
Clover Sings to Me
Udder Comparison
Bringing Pepsi Home
Dancing on Two Feet with Angel Wings
Clover, Don’t Take Your Udder to Town
Back Where She Belongs
Postcard from Clover
In Search of Mama
Letter from Clover
Clover Takes a Trip
Sweets for the Sweet
Getting Her Groove On
How to Entertain Yourself on a Farm
Goat House Tour
A Very Clover Christmas
Wherefore Art Thou, Romeo?
Cookie Break
Hay Fever
It Runs in the Family
Would You Like Some Barbeque with That?
Building a Goat House
The Goat Channel
Photographing Goats
Happy Halloween!
Letter to Clover
Drawing Battle Lines
Foiled Again
Conversation with Clover
Handling Milk
Clover the Self-Hobbling Goat
Those Naughty Kids
The Taming of Clover, Or How I Took the Tears Out of Milking
Score for the Milkmaid
Score for Clover
You Can Take the Boy Out of the Country, But You Can’t Take the Country Out of the Boy
I Just Want TWO Tablespoons of Milk, Is That Too Much To Ask?
And Then She Kicked Me
Will Roll Logs Uphill for Cheese
Gearing Up
Hoof Trimming and Disbudding
Forget that Milkin’ Thing
I Have Goats
Ready for Goats
Name That Doeling AND Buckling!
Name That Doeling!
Our First Goats
Every Time God Laughs, Another Goat Baby Is Born
Trip to a Goat Farm

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