If You Give a Flying Dino a Cookie


At first I thought they didn’t like the new, clear sugar water we put in the feeders. They went away….

Then they returned. In force.

The front porch of my house is like walking into an aviary in a zoo. Or, more like the aviary in Jurassic Park with all the flying dinos, where you think they might take an eye out. Or grab a limb.

I was happy to see them, though. I love to live dangerously. Me and flying dinos, we’re tight.

I don’t really love to live dangerously. Unless you count buying a tractor. Or getting goats. The goat lady says Clover has a good udder. I don’t even know what that means.

Clover’s gonna love me.

Except for the part where she might hate me. Clover and her two babies are coming today! What if they don’t like me? What if the flying dinos kill me before she gets here? They’re bigger than they look in these pictures!

Clearly, I’m fretting. And imagining things. Bear with me. I’ll get over it. Eventually. Or not.

I promised the hummingbirds I would give them anything they wanted if they didn’t take my eye out. Then enchantment struck and they turned into little fairies.

They drank up all my sugar water, all gone, completely. Little fairies with flying dino appetites.

And before they flew away on their magic fairy wings, they scattered their magic fairy dust on me and told me everything would be okay when Clover comes.

Then they disappeared into the forest from whence they came, leaving me to wonder if they had ever been here at all and if Clover would really let me touch her mysterious udder.

“The flying dinos said I could,” I’ll tell her.

And if that works, I shall write an all-new, bestselling how-to book on raising dairy goats.

“First, give a flying dino a cookie…..”

I’m so set.

NOTE: I’ve emailed everyone who got a book yesterday. If you got a book and you didn’t get an email that means I goofed up, so email me! There’s a Contact button at the top of the sidebar. Also, calling Brenda! I tried twice and your email got returned, so I must have the wrong address–please email me! Thanks everyone!

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on July 25, 2008  

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  1. 7-25

    I love Hummingbirds. I have some that come to the flowrer pots on my front porch, that is until I killed all the flowers.

    We used to live in a house that had that film on the door that helped keep the sun out and caused the door to look like a mirror in the daytime. We had a hummer hit that door and knock himself out. Fearing a cat would get him, I picked him up and brought him in the house.

    In an effort to show him to my daughter, I opened my hand a little too much about the same time he woke from his stupor He flew around in the house until I opened the front door where he eventually found his way out.

    Love the reference to the dino in the same manner as If you give a pig a pancake. My grandkids love that book.

  2. 7-25

    Sounds like a fairy tale story and you tell it so well. Pics are fabulous and go well with the story too. Thanks for my early morning calm. xxoo

  3. 7-25

    From yesterday…when I asked where do you make the most money, I meant what venue gives you the best return and I will buy the books there. I don’t know if it makes a difference in the book world. I have a cd out and there are some places that give me a higher percentage of the price of the cd when they sell them.
    Thank you for the book!

  4. 7-25

    Lora, it doesn’t matter. The only way I get royalties, though, is on books sold new, so I don’t get anything from sales of used books. The only book I have that is available new right now is my last release, which is called A Hero’s Redemption. It’s not out in stores anymore (it’s from last October) so the only place to buy it new right now is from Amazon. My next book will be out in December and when it’s in stores, I’ll let everyone know! (It’ll be available from Amazon and other online booksellers, too.) Thanks for asking!

  5. 7-25

    As usual, I am clicking away from the page wanting more. At my last house the hummers were so loud that if you called me on the phone while I was on the porch, you could hear them conspiring at feeder beside me. Once finished with their plans they would dive-bomb toward me until, fearing for safety, I would retreat indoors.
    Mission accomplished,
    Big Goose returned to nest.
    Over and out.

  6. 7-25

    I’m glad the flying dinos didn’t poke out any facial features or important organs! :thumbsup:

    Best of luck with your goats. I really am so impressed with all you’re doing, Suzanne!

    (And only the beloved’s sanity is keeping me from finding us a giant puppy! Coco’s as magical as your fairies!)

  7. 7-25

    I love Hummingbirds too, thanks for the birthday present. Has Coco ever tried catching them like the cats have?

  8. 7-25

    I can’t believe you get that many birds. We finally took our feeder down, we only saw one this season. They must be fickle.

  9. 7-25

    I so read it as Dino – The Flintstones’ pet dinosaur, and I was like..HOMG he has a jet pack I bet!

    What..its early leave me alone.

  10. 7-25

    Goodness me. Our local pound has two “Coco” dogs. My husband says “No more pets!!!!” I guess two kittens, two rabbits and two dogs in a small house in town is a bit much. Someday I will be out in the country and have all the pets I want. Oh……did I mention three kids??? Sandy

  11. 7-25

    Wow! What an amazing number of birds. We have hummingbirds at our house, but only two or three…a nice manageable number to enjoy. They are so amazing and I love to sit on our porch and watch them at the flowers and feeders.

    I am sure you are as ready as you will ever be for your goats to come to their new home. It will be so exciting and I am sure Coco will love having them around…more playmates???

  12. 7-25

    They are coming !!!! the goats are coming!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!
    wait till they wag their little goat tails at you. Like the dog. So cute! :flying:

  13. 7-25

    Great photos. Hummingbirds are pretty and amazing birds.

  14. 7-25

    Wow – feed the birds, in winter too. great pictures.

    again write a children’s book !!!!!! you can do it. I am about to make you peach jam – hoping for a great jam. Cant wait to see the goats

  15. 7-25

    I remember when I was little my parents had a hummingbird feeder. One day, there were a whole bunch swarming around it and being the curious kid that I was I got a little too close and almost got my eye POKED OUT….at least that’s how I remember it…:shocked:

    Good luck with the goats today! They will love you!

  16. 7-25

    Suzanne: As usual, your pictures are fantastic along with the storylines. I’ve been feeding hummers for years and have never seen that many at one time. I’m so envious and you are so lucky to witness such a show. If you’re like me, you’ll miss them when they migrate south this fall.

  17. 7-25

    Good morning! Have fun with your new friends today. What a trunk-full of memories you are making. I love hummers, but they are mean little things.

  18. 7-25

    Suzanne, do you know what’s more fun than a hummingbird feeder?

    TWO (or three) Hummingbird feeders! you could put them on either end of the porch…… :shimmy:

    Clover and the babies will love it at your place….. :snoopy:

  19. 7-25

    WOW! I’ve never seen hummer share a feeder like that. My MIL’s hummers are very territorial about the feeders. A male usually tried to chase all the others away. So she keeps several feeders scattered around the front & back porches, but out of sight from each other.
    Good luck with your wee goats. Can’t wait to see the pictures of your adventures in milking & cheese making!

  20. 7-25

    What amazing pictures! And you’re right, they ARE fairy dino birds.

    We used to feed hummingbirds until one year one lone bird with ISSUES took possession of the feeder. He seemed never to eat at it himself (he had no time!) and spent ALL his daylight hours chasing away fellow hummingbirds. It was exhausting to watch. Fearing I’d find him dead from being worn to a frazzle, I took the feeder down.

    Two years later hummingbirds still come to the same spot as if looking for the feeder!

  21. 7-25

    I can not believe that many birds feed at one time. We have about six hummingbirds, but they do not feed at once. If they try there is a fight. Birds chase each other off. Do you have a secret to get that many to feed together? Maybe they are just nicer birds than mine.

  22. 7-25

    Brenda is my sister and I know her internet is down. So please be patient. She will contact you as soon as it is up and running again. They are building new homes near her and accidentily took out some lines so electric, phones, cable and internet are out for her and a few neighbors. She contacted me by cell phone last night to let me know.

  23. 7-25

    Those are great pictures. My husband and I were going to put up bird feeders and then forgot so maybe this weekend we’ll get some.

  24. 7-25

    Luv your site. Um…uh…the Udder is the sack with the teats where the milk comes from on goats. Your goats will ‘udderly’ *giggle :rotfl: snort* luv you (couldn’t resist). The world responds to love and you show love in all you put out into the world.
    My hummers zip and zoom in competition for the feeders. The males especially. At dusk last night there were two putting on a display like fighter pilots.

  25. 7-25

    Love the pictures. I’m very jealous – not only Coco and the amazing farm shitzu and the chickens, but all those hummingbirds and the goats are coming TODAY! WOW!

  26. 7-25

    Poor me, I live in Suburbia, where they cut down trees and name streets after them. The only birds I usually see are robins and sparrows, though we do have two morning doves that hang out by our garden each summer.

    Love the pictures and thanks for sharing with all of us.


    P.S. I really think you need to video the first time you milk the goats and share…please?

  27. 7-25

    I allowed my feeder to run dry and the hummingbirds were hovering outside my window, I swear on everything that is holy, YELLING at me. I was in the middle of assembling a cherry pie and I had to stop and refill the feeder because they were annoying me so much. No one warned me they were so high-maintenance!

    But, it could be worse. I came across this article :
    and stopped to count my blessings… Can you imagine looking out your window and seeing this?

  28. 7-25

    I love the hummingbird pictures. They are just beautiful. I am so disappointed in my feeders and myself. I wish I could figure out what I must be doing wrong. Each year since moving here (2 yrs ago) I might get about three at the beginning of the season and then even those disappear. Do you have any idea what is wrong? Anyone have any thoughts on this?

  29. 7-25

    Dorothy, thanks for letting me know. I was worried I must have the address wrong, so I appreciate the update!

  30. 7-25

    Re how to get that many at a feeder, I don’t know. I’ve never seen anything like it before and we’re not doing anything special to the sugar water or anything else to attract them!

    Re taking video of the first time I try to milk them, that would require me having a working video camera and knowing how to put it up online. I don’t know how to do technical stuff!

  31. 7-25

    They are very pretty flying dinos. Good luck with your special delivery today!

  32. 7-25

    wow, we never have had THAT many!!! Awesome! Yeah, I was going to say the same thing..YOU NEED MORE FEEDERS! LOL THey are sure territorial…and we change the water every three days..In your case, it looks like it’ll have to be daily.

    Oh, the babies come today! How exciting!!! :mrgreen: :shimmy: :woof: :snoopy:

  33. 7-25

    yes, yes,yes, you need more feeders so it won;t be so conjested at one. They are in a feeding frenzy early morning and late evening. They use up so much energy in a short period of time. Good luck with the goats . :smile:

  34. 7-25

    We feed hummingbirds every summer seven miles up a mountain in the Rockies. Obviously, there are not usually people around for most of the year, but they seem to pass the word when there is someone there to fill the feeders, and they flock in to drain them and demand more. They follow us out to the feeders when we bring additional sugar water and will eat from them as we hold a feeder in our hands. I have learned that they do make a distinctive noise and that they perch in the trees between swoops in to feed.

  35. 7-25


    On the peach jam did you use liquid pectin or powder? Once I got in to it, (I used the powder), I was not sure with just peaches, the pectin and lemon juice it would come to a boil. I use both in different recipes. I did make it and it taste wonderful. I got 8 half pints.

    thanks, jane

  36. 7-25

    Jane, I used powdered pectin! Glad to hear yours came out good!

  37. 7-25

    What amazing pictures! All those little hummers, I’ve never seen anything like it!! You’re so lucky.

  38. 7-25

    Mowing the goat yard?!?!? Silly, that’s what the goats are for.

  39. 7-25

    My computer was down when you had the book giveaway but you said to let you know if there was interest for the next time. I am definitely interested. BYW, I belong to Paperbackswap.com where you can trade in used books and get credits for more books. You pay the postage to mail your book ($2.23) and the person who mails you a book pays the postage at her end. Great for bookaholics like me. You will feel very frustrated at first when learning to milk but you will get the hang of it quickly. If Nutmeg and Honey are still nursing, it won’t be too bad for Clover. Anyone who has nursed a baby knows the feeling when you get too full and baby isn’t interested. Did the seller fill you in on what shots the goats need? They are important as they can get very sick from overeating. Good luck!

  40. 7-25

    I have been feeding hummingbirds for 40 years. They always come and go.
    You are so lucky to have so many!
    You definitely need more and bigger feeders.
    Good luck with the goats.

  41. 7-25

    Amazing pictures of the Dinos.
    Sure the goats are cute,and Clover has a good udder, and she will love you, but what happened to your sheep fixation? Maybe I should send you one of my Shetland Sheep, everyone should be owned by at least one, or a two of them…or 25 like I have…whatever, don’t judge me :sheepjump:
    Good luck with your goats :-). .

  42. 7-25

    How do you get such beautiful pictures of your hummingbirds? Our photos never come out that good! :fryingpan:

  43. 7-25

    Corinne, I still want some sheep! I’m restraining myself as chickens, goats, and a giant puppy is probably enough for one year, LOL.

  44. 7-25

    Hope everything goes well with Clover and her babies today! The Hummingbirds are gorgeous!

  45. 7-25

    Great shots of the hummingbirds. Hope you and your new goats adjust quickly. Great times!

  46. 7-25

    With that much fairy dust around you can’t help but be charmed with your new goat family.
    I’m so jealous of all the hummingbirds. We only get them when they’re migrating in Spring and Fall, so if I see one or two a season I’m excited.

  47. 7-25

    geez, they could make a thriller movie with those flying dino’s…

  48. 7-25

    I love all the little hummers we have hanging around this time of year – they are a never-ending source of entertainment!

  49. 7-25

    Love the pictures. When we are camping here in Colorado we see lots of campers with feeders. Even without one they sometimes hover right by your head as you sit outside. It is a strange noise. Kind of scares you at first, but then I always feel blessed.

  50. 7-26

    Aren’t they just divine, I mean really – divine. I have one that comes – sometimes. ONE! did I day just ONE? I was ready a month before they were supposed to arrive. Just in case. That one little guy will have to be enough tho, at least I have him!

  51. 7-30

    I love to watch hummingbirds and if I had as many as you do I would get nothing accomplished. I do have a feeder outside my office window that entrances me with about four hummingbirds but that is nothing compared to yours.

    Great photos and storytelling!

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