A Stinky Question


A few weeks ago, a friend who I shall not name, called me and said, “Is it true that if a buck is kept with a goat that is giving milk, his buck odor taints the milk with his scent?”

Me: “Yes, I’ve heard that can happen.”

My friend: “WHY did you never tell me this?!”

Me: “I didn’t know it was that fascinating!”

My friend: “Of course it’s fascinating!” And then he had another question: “What if a nursing mother, human, is around a buck? Will it taint her milk with a buck scent?”

Ummmmm….. I had to admit that I didn’t know the answer to this question. Nor did I ponder it for long as a fascinating one (or pertinent to my life). A few weeks later, he called me again, said he needed to ask me a question from my expert knowledge.

Me: “I’m not an expert on anything.”

My friend: “Of course you are!”

Me: “You’re not still thinking about whether or not buck scent taints human mother’s milk, are you?”

My friend: “Of course I am!”

Dear readers, please help my friend. If any among you has had experience, as a nursing mother, around a buck, did it taint your milk?


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Pack of Girls


They all look alike, don’t they?
Morgan wanted to get the names straightened out last night. After all, she named them. Mr. Darcy, Jane, Lizzie, Mary, Kitty, Lydia. After characters in Pride and Prejudice, her all-time favorite book. (Did you know there all kinds of Mr. Darcy spin-off books? She’s read them all. Recently, she discovered P&P vlogs (video blogs) and has spent countless hours consuming them ALL.)

This is Maia and Chloe.
Oh, wait–

Never mind. We know them.

This is Mr. Darcy!
Okay, that one’s too easy. He’s chillin’ with his homies, the wethers.
He came from a different farm than the girls, and so far he has been socializing more with Maia and the wethers than his new platoon of girlfriends. I’m sure that will change later…. He’s such a handsome fella.
This is Jane.
Jane has a spot on her rump and she’s the only one! Her white marking on the front of her face is also crooked. She’s #53. They all have numbered ear tags.

This is Mary. Mary’s spot on the back of her neck is disconnected. Mary is #51.
Lizzie is easy. She has the lopsided ears. She’s #48.
Kitty is #50. She has a marking down only one side of the back of her neck, but unlike Mary’s, it’s connected. Kitty on one side, no marking on this side of her neck.
Kitty on the other side, connected marking on this side.
Kitty from the back.
Lydia is #49, and she’s The Other One. Her markings aren’t real distinctive one way or the other.
And here they are again, all together.
From left to right: Jane, Kitty, Mary, Lydia, and Lizzie in the back!


Now if I can just remember that! I think I need to study….

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