Romper Room


I love this little brown bear. I think she is the cutest thing. She’s one of Fanta’s two girls. She doesn’t have a name yet. I just call her the brown one.

This is Fanta’s other girl, the black one.

And this is Sprite’s baby (boy).

I’m almost convinced at this point that all three of these babies are polled. Polled means that they are naturally hornless. They are going on three weeks old and there is no sign of horn buds. Dr. Pepper’s horn buds could be felt by the time he was a week old. Fanta and Sprite are both polled, so their babies had a 50/50 chance of no horns. (It certainly makes things easier.)

Nutmeg’s baby, Dr. Pepper, is nearly a month old now.

He’s fully horned, carbonated, oxidated, hydrogenated, you name it.

You can see how much bigger he is than Fanta’s girls here:

Bunny tails!

It’s been very, very busy in the goat house these last few weeks since it started filling up with babies and mommies. The drama! You don’t know the half of it and it would singe your eyebrows off if you did. If one mommy’s not stealing another one’s lipstick, somebody’s calling somebody else fat. And the babies! They are flying from the ceiling and boomeranging off the walls.

And yet, it’s just too soon to let the babies out in the big, wide world of the goat yard with all those big stompy animals and the cold weather. Getting those mommies lassoed back into the goat house once they saw Par-ee would be no mean feat either.

You know that one is just one hoof-step away from backsliding into those wild oats she realized she’d forgotten to sow just as soon as she had her baby.

And so this weekend we opened up the goat house porch for a romper room, giving needed space for those hot-headed mommies and plenty of room for dancing, flying babies.

The goat house porch has to be shut off any time there are tiny ones around because the babies are so little at first, they will fall right out through the fence.

The babies are bigger now, ready for the space and their first peek at the big, wide world.

From the goat house porch, they can see the ducks in the chicken yard.

They can see where those chickens go when they’re not squawking around in the goat house.

They can see the birds at the bird feeders.

They can see those big, giant stompy animals. (Crooked Little Hen alert.)

And a big, giant baby who likes milk, too!

They just know they will love her. They have so much in common!

And one day, probably in about another month, they’ll be even bigger, and the mommies will pull each other’s hair for the last time and they will all go out into that big, wide world.

But not today.

Today, they will stay in their little goat house that, to them, is so big they sometimes forget how to get back into the house from the porch.

Dr. Pepper: “How did I get here? Did I come through this crack?”

The only world they really need right now is the world….

…..that is made up of the mommies.

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on February 8, 2011  

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  1. 2-8

    Oh this was just precious! Such sweet innocent spring-filled babies! And those poor, on-my-last-nerve mommies! Keep ’em safe! Lovely views from their romper room porch!

  2. 2-8

    Nice to see Billy Goat Nursery is well-attended, TBO is certainly camera-worthy. Can you see the goat house and its porch from your front porch? Is it just beyond the (Now empty) goat yard? Is it to the left of the chicken house?

  3. 2-8

    That is so sweet. It’s a little peace of heaven where you live, isn’t it? Gorgeous. Those little babies look adorable.

  4. 2-8

    I just loved the look around the goat house, and the views to the other parts of your little farm. It made me giggle and smile.
    Thank you.

  5. 2-8

    Love those baby goats!

    That last photo is adorable.


  6. 2-8


  7. 2-8

    I love seeing them all snug in their little house and porch.

    They are adorable little animals.

  8. 2-8

    and this is why I come… I just sighed after reading this. My bp went down a good 5 points and I laughed out loud at the thought of the mommies fighting over lipstick and the babies losing their way and trying to crawl through a crack! Talented writer Suzanne, you are good!

  9. 2-8

    They are too cute! Can you tell if Dr Pepper has enough fainting goat genes to “faint” yet? He sure does look like the brown one’s big brother.

  10. 2-8

    I know if I had cuties like that I’d never get any work done. Thanks for the picks.

  11. 2-8

    All the babies are cute, but the brown one has a special something. Her coloring is just beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing.

  12. 2-8

    Michele, we have seen any of them faint yet. Even the fainters don’t always faint, so you don’t know till you catch them at it.

    bonita, yes, we can see the goat house from the porch. The goat yard is our front yard, and the goat house is off to the left front corner.

  13. 2-8

    So cute!!!!! They are getting so big.
    Question about Miss Jacob. When she has her baby will she join the goats in the goat house too?

  14. 2-8

    thanks for the tour of the baby goat world Suzanne. It’s fun seeing what they see in their small world, and yes, that little brown goat is adorable, just like the others! :yes: :airkiss:

  15. 2-8

    That is just precious!
    I am so glad everyone is happy, healthy, and guarded from danger.
    How wonderful is that.

  16. 2-8

    How adorable!! Why not call them-Brownie, Blackie, and Boy? I qould love to just squeeze them all real tight. Hurry Spring-we are are waiting :happyflower: :happyflower: -Tonya, Beckley, WV

  17. 2-8

    Dr Pepper and the little brown bear look a lot like each other!

  18. 2-8

    Linda, no, Miss Jacob will stay in the meadow bottom with her babies when they come. It’s just the sheep down there. Up here, I don’t want the babies out around the cows and donkeys yet for fear they’d get stepped on.

  19. 2-8

    :shimmy: The one you call Little Brown Bear…..why not just call him “Little Bear” after that cartoon that is on TV for kids. He certainly is cute as they all are. Never a dull moment in the goat house!

    Mrs. Turkey

  20. 2-8

    I am killed by cuteness.

    also… i live in New Hampshire.

    I have 4 feet of snow in my backyard.

    I dream of having GROUND frozen or not.

    thanks for sharing lol

  21. 2-8

    Now that my son is getting older (13) I am reminded of the days when the only world he really needed was the mommy world.He still needs mommy, and I guess he always will. It’s just not the only world he needs!

    Cute goat babies. Almost makes me want one.

  22. 2-8

    Funny how similar any baby is to another! Need my mama!! Love these little guys!

  23. 2-8

    Kinda reminds me of late spring when our cows and calves have outgrown the spring pasture, and they moo whenever they see us knowing that it’s time to go to the big wide summer pasture.

  24. 2-8

    Suzanne….if you don’t see the hair swirling where the horn buds would be they are probably polled….
    I have some boer cross nannies that throw polled kids every year.

    Good you moved Mr. Pibb away from your girls…especially once you start milking you won’t want them together…your milk will be “bucky” or taste and smell like goat…

    You will know it if you ever have that problem…that’s why alot of people think they don’t like goat milk and or cheese, they have usually had some that was tainted with that musky scent…

  25. 2-8

    The cuteness is just too much. Those babies are all just adorable. I love the brown one but I have to say I love the black one even more. He’s just too sweet. I can’t wait to see how they act once they are released into the big world outside the goat house. Love the stories you weave about the animals – they are so funny.

  26. 2-8

    Great post, Suzanne! I could see you writing children’s books…you have such a way with words and who doesn’t love pictures of animals, especially baby ones! As always, thank you for sharing. :)

  27. 2-8

    I love seeing these scenes from the goat house and yard, Suzanne. The babies are cuteness personified :sheep: It’s such fun to read of the the barnyard antics too.
    They all sure keep you busy!
    Thanks for sharing the joy (birds included) and these beautiful photos.
    We have at least 2 feet of accumulated snow here and more is falling this morning. Just flurries so far.

  28. 2-8

    I think I love the two black ones the most, though they are all cute.

    Jack and Poky are sooo adorable. I love that BP hangs out with them.

    Are Clover’s babies all grown up now?

  29. 2-8

    You should do a drawing to name the babies. :D

  30. 2-8

    I ADORE reading about these gorgeous babies. Thank you so much for the update and the wonderful pictures!

  31. 2-8

    They are just sooo cute! I love their curiosity! Can’t wait for more stories on the little ones. : )

  32. 2-8

    Just too lovely for further words :D

  33. 2-8

    Polled males have a tendency to be sterile, so you might want to make that little boy a wether. It’s the downside of being polled.

  34. 2-8

    Ohhh they are just too cute! I was hoping for another bouncing, flying, jumping kids video! I also love the nuthatch heading down the tree! Alas, I have nuthatches and finches too, but no goats… :cry:


  35. 2-8

    Since your readers are always asking you to write children’s stories, you could collect your animal posts, have them printed and bound, and there you’d have them!!!

    I would love to sit on your porch and watch the babies gambol – then wander down to the yard and hold and snuggle them!!!

  36. 2-8

    Mato (ma-toe) is Lakota (Sioux) for Bear. And Sapa (saw-pa) is Lakota for Black. They are the most adorable little babies.Thanks for sharing them.

  37. 2-8

    I always forget how tiny they really are until I see them next to something for comparison, it really is cute overload! :happyflower:

  38. 2-8

    I think you should name that little brown baby “Little Bear” after the beloved childhood book character (my favorite books as a child)! She is just too stinking cute, as they all are! Either that or Ginger. I love all your farm animals and dream of the day I will live on acreage and have my own fainting goats and chickens.

  39. 2-8

    Mommy world looks like a good place to be.

  40. 2-8

    So supper cute and wonderful pictures!! NO SNOW!!!!??????? :fairy:

  41. 2-8

    Love the baby goat pictures, especially the last one of the baby looking up adoringly at the mother. They are so cute! Thanks for keeping us updated on their antics.

  42. 2-8

    awe Susanne I love the babies, but they Need names so it got me thinking Little Brownie could be named Jules( today is Jules Verne 183 birthday)
    Caramel, Fawn or Faun Frappaccino Mocha ( Alba lol) little brownie is so pretty.
    Just a thought.:-}
    Have a good one Ann/alba

  43. 2-8

    Thank you for the cute kid fix. I needed that. At least until you decide otherwise, I’m going to think of Fanta’s girls as Little Bear and Espresso. But I feel that Sprite’s son deserves a hero’s name: he’s had to overcome such obstacles at a tender age, I think he must have fortitude.

  44. 2-8

    babies are adorable. Those Mommies should be proud of their “handiwork”, lol. Fanta’s babes could be “cola” and “Nehi”

    Makes me wish we were fenced better and could have a couple of goats. We both love the little dwarf goats

  45. 2-8

    So cute ~!!! :heart: :snoopy:

  46. 2-8

    well done- I love this entry. beautiful pics too. Romper Stompers!!!!remember those?

  47. 2-8

    Aaaawwwwww the babies so precious. And isn’t it true for us sometimes- all we need is our mommy. ( Belated sympathy on your mothers passing.) :hug:

  48. 2-8

    When we lived on a suburban acre, we had two adopted baby goats and a goat house that had steps onto their roof. Brings back sweet memories.

  49. 2-9

    I love the name Sugar-n-Spice,and just call her Spice for short. Whichever name you choose for your little brown one or any of the other babies, I know I will love it! :)

  50. 2-9

    Those babies are just too cute and the poor mommies! I’m betting they can’t wait to get outside!

  51. 2-9

    They are so precious……I just love those babies!

  52. 2-9

    I just love this farm!

  53. 2-11

    Thank you for posting more cuteness!! We’ve had an awful winter around here, but I always know I can come to CITR and find some goat faces to make me smile! :happyflower:

    So thank you!

  54. 2-12

    One more month and my babies will start arriving Yeah!!!

  55. 10-20

    I know this is an older post but I just found it (I’m new here!) and I love, love, love it! Suzanne, you could publish this as a sweet children’s book. You are so talented…

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