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….for a tomato!

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Free Weekend


This is my first weekend off, without workshops, in a month, and I’m looking forward to it! I love hosting retreats here, but I’m ready for a break. Hope you all have a great fourth of July weekend!

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  1. IMG_5937 July 2, 2015 - Mimosa Mates

    This redbird has been hanging around the feeder at the mimosa monster for weeks.

    Sometimes he runs off other birds.

    I guess that’s because now he’s started bringing his girlfriend!

    He doesn’t like anybody eating at their table with them!

  1. IMG_5923 July 1, 2015 - All Bloom and No Squash

    The squash and zucchini has been bloomin’ away for weeks….but no squash or zucchini! What is up with that?

  1. IMG_5875 June 29, 2015 - Laid Up

    About six weeks ago, I was stupid and not holding the handrail on my twisty stairs in the house and I fell down. I hit really hard on my left knee, got a deep bruise that lasted for weeks, and it hurt pretty bad. However, I had lots of things to do, as usual, and kept going. Workshops, milking, farm chores, shopping for workshops, … Continued…

  1. IMG_5872 June 26, 2015 - Mimosa Monster Update

    This was my mimosa tree.

    It’s never looked like that before. Some people suggested, when I posted about it before, that it might have been the hard winter. I decided to give it a chance, so I started pruning. Here’s how it looks now.

    It looks like a tree again instead of The Green Monster! Some of … Continued…

  1. IMG_5868 June 25, 2015 - Their Favorite Time of Day

    Ducks, coming up from under the barn into the milking parlor to get the crumbs off Glory Bee’s table!

  1. IMG_5866 June 23, 2015 - Harvesting Basil

    My man got me from the kitchen last night while I was fixing supper to take me outside to the garden and proudly show me that he’d gotten all the tomato plants tied up and he’d weeded the tomato boxes. I looked at the pulled weeds on the ground and said, “Those aren’t weeds….. You harvested the basil that I planted with the tomatoes! … Continued…

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