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Blends in, doesn’t he?
Don’t bother him!

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Morning with Spider Web


Gate to the barnyard, on my way to milkin’ this morning.

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  1. IMG_3095 September 18, 2014 - The Case of the Missing Tutu

    Exhibit A:

    Photo: Brenda Goodall.

    I let Maia out of the field to visit for a few hours toward the end of the last day of this past weekend’s retreat. She was wearing her tutu.

    Then she wasn’t. And I’ve been looking for her tutu ever since.

    The “person of interest” in the tutu’s disappearance is not cooperating with authorities.

  1. IMG_3092 September 16, 2014 - Building the Wood Pile

    Now that the September retreat is over, back to winter prep! I don’t have a wood shed. Maybe someday. But for now, I’ve been keeping wood stored under the deck steps. I’ll also be keeping some wood on the back porch. And I keep wood inside, too–especially during times I’m using wood a lot for heat. My primary source of heat … Continued…

  1. 10614363_4634041985162_1992478169474316423_n September 15, 2014 - What A Weekend!

    Photo: Brenda Goodall.

    I’m back from a PACKED workshop weekend retreat here at Sassafras Farm. (Above, I’m demonstrating trimming goat hooves.) I’ll be putting up a BIG gallery post of photos asap, so check back. We had a blast!

  1. IMG_3077 September 10, 2014 - Un-Dished

    I posted recently about removing a couple of satellite dishes from the yard. They weren’t being used and they were 1) unattractive and 2) something to mow around. So they were pulled out. But there were also a couple of smaller satellite dishes on the roof of the front porch.

    They were also not being used and I always thought they took away from the … Continued…

  1. IMG_3074 September 8, 2014 - Picking Dead Stuff

    Despite the fact that I’m still just trying to recover from the retreat that ended last week, another one is coming this weekend. Potpourri is on the agenda (among many other things) so I was out for a walk yesterday to see what was available right now around here.

    This is … Continued…

  1. IMG_3009 September 3, 2014 - Reports of My Death Are Exaggerated

    My cousin called me yesterday to ask me if I was alive.

    I am! Don and Marty, tell them! You saw me this weekend! (That’s Don and Marty, two of the attendees at this just-past retreat, sitting at one of the tables in the studio and enjoying some dessert.)

    I have been overwhelmed and exhausted. I was behind on mowing, and trying to get ready … Continued…

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