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Moving cows outside fencing is my favorite farm activity.
Often, I do it by myself, such as for milking when Glory Bee is in the field across the road. Other times, I wait till I can get some help. It depends on the situation. Yesterday evening, I moved the cows about 100 yards outside fencing to get them to a different field (across the road). Because it’s spring and the grass outside fencing is so enticing, I waited until my hired hands were here so they could help me herd. It was still a challenge. I always take charge of Glory Bee, on the lead, because we’re so close, tight, bestest friends, you know.
And in short order, the girls were successfully moved!
They were quite pleased once they got there. And I was, too! (Dumplin was the biggest obstacle this time. But she came after mama eventually.)

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Speaking Too Soon


Your honor, I present the evidence.
The farmer was optimistic, as usual, when she posted this yesterday.
She spoke too soon. There is yet work to be done.
Maia: “Yes, there is so much work to do! I’ve barely started eating this garden!”

Judge: ::sound of gavel banging down::

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    One of the ways I’ve had trouble with escapees in the barnyard is this hay feeder. Last week, I had it thoroughly barricaded, from the ends, and from the front on the barnyard side, with more boards. Chloe as well as the goats have been using the feeder to slip through to the field on the other side–and then escape from there. Now that … Continued…

  1. IMG_1927 April 14, 2014 - Bobble

    Morgan is so funny.

    This is what she got me for my birthday. She knows Jase is my favorite!

  1. suzanne500 April 11, 2014 - Owning It

    It’s my birthday today. Since I’m having a hard time with the number I have achieved, I’m announcing it in an attempt to own it like it’s something fabulous. Here I am, in a photo taken a few days ago. And even with no makeup.

    This is me. I’m 50.

  1. IMG_1893 April 9, 2014 - When Push Comes to Shove

    See my old pickup truck and my beleaguered Explorer parked in front of the field across the road? They were parked evenly. Meaning, the front of the pickup was evenly parked with the Explorer.

    Then a few days ago the horses got out. Zip rubbed her big fat rump on the front of the pickup and moved it back about ten feet. Seriously.

  1. IMG_1844 April 7, 2014 - Roundup

    My new hired man and a helper cleaning out my barn. Then they got my tractor going and things went a lot faster!

    In other news, here’s a little roundup of what I’ve got going on right now.

    Remember this?

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  1. IMG_1843 April 2, 2014 - The Downside of Spring

    Well, if you can call it that…. Sometimes I don’t mind. But it IS a problem at times! With the beautiful weather, I like to open my front door to the screen door, which has a “cat door” (broken screen section). Maia likes to use it to come in and visit.

    Which isn’t terrible until she scampers onto the dining room table.

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