Water in All the Wrong Places


Our pet rooster, George, gazing upon the sodden barn yard, wondering what happened to his world.
It’s pouring down the rain today. Water, water, everywhere, except–
–for inside the house because there was a water main leak. We’ve had no water since last night. They’re supposedly getting it back on this morning, but I haven’t seen a drop other than outside. Where there’s way too much water.
But at least the ducks are happy!
Especially that one….

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Flooding Scheduled for Today


This was yesterday evening on the farm.
That foot and a half of snow from last weekend has been really holding its ground, disappointing me daily in the lack of melting. But, it rained overnight, so along with the temperatures, it’s starting to melt. Finally!
Unfortunately, rain + snow melt is making it look a lot like a flood is on the way today…. The creeks are running HARD and LOUD this morning.

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  1. IMG_7292 January 28, 2016 - An Even Dozen

    We’re still frozen here. I’m so disappointed in this slow snow melt, but then I’m not used to a foot and a half of snow! It doesn’t melt easily, even when the temps are in the 40s during the day. But on the up side, I want to post an update on the chickens. I posted a while back about their bad behavior, … Continued…

  1. IMG_7249 January 26, 2016 - The Big Slow Melt

    Our snow here totaled a foot and a half by the time it stopped. It’s warmed up to the 40s, but that amount of snow doesn’t melt fast.

    Not fast enough for me, anyway! That’s lop-eared Lizzie at the gate, waiting for me.

    The ducks were confined to a stall all … Continued…

  1. IMG_7246 January 23, 2016 - Awesomeness

    The tractor, and Rodney, plowing the way, from the barn–where we have to go repeatedly through the day to tend the animals–to the driveway and back. That is the goose’s head sticking up bravely from the snow. (Yes, he has shelter in the barn. He just insists on going out.)… Continued…

  1. IMG_7216 January 23, 2016 - The Snowpocalypse

    The scene from here!… Continued…

  1. IMG_7202 January 23, 2016 - Morning, with Snow

    I was out measuring first thing this morning.

    So was Chloe!

    15 inches, and still snowing.

  1. IMG_7200 January 22, 2016 - Six and Counting

    It’s coming down one to two inches per hour. We’re at six inches. The snowpocalyse is here! It’s not supposed to stop till sometime tomorrow….

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