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The girls have been out and about again. First it was Dumplin.
Then Moon Pie joined the party.
They were escaping from the upper pasture and going down to Glory Bee, who has been working in the milking parlor. The girls just don’t understand that mommy has to work! But. Finally figured out WHERE they’re getting out, so they’re back–in the right field. To their chagrin!

P.S. Taste of Sassafras Farm one-day retreat tomorrow. First retreat of the year!

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Super Squash


As opposed to my non-existent pepper seedlings, my squash is doing super! I can look at it from morning to evening and see it grow every day. I’m having such a good time watching all my veggies growing this year.

Bush beans:
Pole beans:
How does your garden grow?

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  1. IMG_5326 May 12, 2015 - Pepper Problem

    I’ve been trying to grow peppers from seeds for weeks. I’ve planted and replanted little pots. No seedlings, nary a one. I’ve had no problem getting tomato seeds to sprout, but peppers? Nope. I finally broke down and bought half a dozen pepper plants yesterday. I will not be defeated!

  1. IMG_5281 May 11, 2015 - Job Thief

    Spice, stealing Buttercup’s garden supervisory statue position.

    Buttercup was not pleased when he got to work.

  1. IMG_5280 May 8, 2015 - You Know It’s Not An Easy Day When

    –there’s a cow wandering around in the front yard first thing in the morning!

  1. IMG_5279 May 7, 2015 - Apples on the Way

    I picked up two Fuji apple trees to get planted here on the farm. Fuji apples are a cross between Red Delicious and Virginia Ralls Janet apples, and it’s a very sweet apple that stores well. Ralls Janet apples are a historic American apple that has a late bloom. It lends that characteristic to the Fuji hybrid, which helps protect from frost. I’m … Continued…

  1. IMG_5263 May 6, 2015 - Garden Worker

    I have a table with my tomato seedlings on the front porch. Buttercup is working hard, keeping an eye on them. He’s like….the garden supervisor! Or…..garden statuary…..

  1. IMG_5262 May 5, 2015 - More New Babies

    I picked up a dozen Golden Laced Wyandottes yesterday evening at the little store in town. I cleaned out their available chicks.

    They’re in a big tub in the cellar right now, but will be moving to a stall in the barn soon with the other chicks and the ducklings.

    This is a sexed batch, so they’re all girls! … Continued…

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