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The longer I have my Etsy shop (going on a year and a half now) the more I understand and learn about what people want and how they want it. This comprehension is based on what they order the most, as well as what they message me asking for the most. New listings often come from requests in messages from people looking for something I’m not yet offering, and wanting to know if I’ll offer it. Sometimes a custom request is a one-off. They might be the only person who ever wants it. But if I start receiving multiple requests for something, then I know it needs to become a listing. Maybe even a lot of listings. I started offering pepperoni rolls in a “party size” early on, and noticed over time that people ordered party size more often than they ordered the regular large size.

Over time I’ve often gotten requests for other items in “mini” versions. Most often, this is for people having parties, but not always. People like miniature food. Miniature food goes further when you have a lot of people, it’s handy on a buffet table, or even if you’re not having a party, miniature food means you can eat more and feel less guilty. Right?

Or not.

I’m not completely sure. All I know is people love miniature food. So much so that I’ve started offering mini “party size” versions in a number of items, not just pepperoni rolls. Mini scones, mini muffins, mini supper rolls, etc. In fact, I finally put together an entire shop section of Party Food to get the miniature food together all in one place to make shopping easier for people looking for tiny treats. (Well, not everything in the Party Food section is mini, but much of it is. Some if it is just popular party food items.)

You can check out my new Party Food section here. Even if you do your own baking, it might give you some ideas for your next get-together or party! I know what people like.

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Baby Belle


Baby Belle was born in December. She’s Glory Bee’s fourth calf. I’m milking Glory Bee these days, which means Baby Belle goes to lockup in the evening-time. Here she is in her little pen–with hay, water, and a handful of sweet feed to keep her sweet, ready for mommy to get off work in the morning.

We had trouble deciding on a name for her. Her daddy was Beau the Hereford bull. I told Morgan we were having trouble coming up with a name and that her daddy was Beau. She said, “Beau is handsome in French, so her name should be Belle–which is beautiful in French.” And so she’s Belle! Which always makes me think of those Mini Babybel cheese commercials, so I call her Baby Belle. Which is also apropos since her mommy’s job is making milk, some of which is turned into cheese. She’s, like, Glory Bee’s lil cheese. Ha.

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