The rest of us may be farmin’….
….but the ducks are puddlin’!
The rain keeps pouring down and the ducks are having a blast with it.
Instant pond!

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Mimosa Mystery


This is what the mimosa tree used to look like.
It always leafs out later than any other tree on the farm, but it leafs out. From the branches. Like a normal tree. This year, this is what the mimosa tree looks like.

It’s like all the main branches are dead. It’s leafing out from the trunk. It’s starting to look like a big bush. Anybody have any idea why it’s doing that? I’m thinking it’s diseased/dying and that it needs cut down……..

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  1. IMG_5802 June 16, 2015 - Hectical

    See it?

    And there were two.

    Strolling around in the back barnyard this morning.

    The fencing is pretty high in the back barnyard, but I figure they came in through the open gates that let Glory Bee out all the way through to the creek and woods in the back of the lower fields.

    It’s … Continued…

  1. IMG_5748 June 11, 2015 - Cat, Dreaming





    Oh, the painful longings at the bird feeders!

  1. IMG_5715 June 10, 2015 - Fresh Eggs!

    I’ve been busy making things to sell this summer–soaps, candles, jams and jellies–and the chickens wanted in on the act!

    I ordered a couple of signs to put up down by the road to sell eggs. I don’t get much driveby traffic here at the end of the road, but I’ll have eggs available for workshop attendees who might … Continued…

  1. IMG_5713 June 9, 2015 - The Chicken Walks Alone

    Two of the three young hens that were out got themselves into the goat yard yesterday evening somehow. The fencing in there is pretty tight–I haven’t had a goat escapee in months. The little chickens manage to get themselves in there occasionally, though, and then have a hard time remembering where they got in. So when I spotted them in there, I knew it … Continued…

  1. IMG_5696 June 8, 2015 - In My Sights

    These three little hens escaped the chicken house/yard and I’ve got to get them back in before they get my tomatoes. (Saw the first flower on a tomato plant in my garden this weekend!) I’ve tried to catch them repeatedly and they’re wily little things. They keep getting away!

  1. IMG_5683 June 4, 2015 - Little Monkey

    This little hen wants at the bird feeders so badly, she’s starting to try to climb up to them!

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