Watching Grass Grow


I spend a lot of time checking out at the back barnyard to see what the cows are doing. Glory Bee and Dumplin are both due now. Unfortunately, here’s what they’re doing.

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Mommy Moments


Moon Pie, with her new baby, Glory Bee looking on. Yesterday, I caught Glory Bee licking Moon Pie’s baby’s bottom. The mommy cows instinctively lick their babies’ bottoms to encourage them to poo, which helps a new baby stay healthy. Mommies can be pretty protective over any other cow coming near their baby, much less licking their baby’s bottom, but Moon Pie didn’t mind her mama stepping in. It’s a family thing!

And, I’ve named the new baby heifer. Her name is Gingersnap. We named the black and white calf (the new Hereford cow’s baby) Oreo. I guess we’re naming all the girl calves after cookies this year!

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    I’m tired of wind, I’m tired of rain.
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