The Bed Is Forgiven


It took a month, but Buttercup finally forgave the dog bed for letting that nasty puppy sleep in it and has returned to his nest.

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Cat Warmers


This is the first day I’ve been able to turn off the cat warmers after this past week of freezing temperatures. At night, I open the cabinet doors to keep the pipes warm, but Precious the Puppy will tear everything out of the cabinets when she’s up so during the day I was just keeping this cat warmer near the cabinets with the doors shut. I have a couple more I’ve had running at other key locations, and I think I got through this first bad winter spell with no frozen pipes except possibly one drain line on the outer wall of the cellar. I have pipes in some places that are just about impossible to protect, but so far, not bad for this winter’s pipe protection plan! All main pipes got through just fine. And all the cats are warm…..

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  1. IMG_3957 January 8, 2015 - Gone Girl

    Leaving me on an icy morning for that darned college thing again!

  1. IMG_3921 January 4, 2015 - Pretty in Pink

    This puppy cracks me up!

  1. IMG_3900 January 3, 2015 - Three Cousins and A Horse

    Morgan, Weston, and cousin Madison–on Weston’s last day home before I took him to the airport.

    Weston, caught in the act of actually smiling!

    The horses got into some burr trouble, so Morgan’s been working away at their manes and tails.

    I’m afraid this is going to end up requiring scissors…..

  1. IMG_3869 January 1, 2015 - 2015

    Happy New Year! 2015 is going to be a fabulous year.

    I have spoken. So be it.

  1. IMG_3843 December 29, 2014 - An Oddity, and the Girls

    My friend Jerry (aka my official photographer) stopped by this weekend to shoot a new gun he had gotten and to sight my .22 and 30-30, which were both a little off. We went way back to the woods at the back of this field, to get far enough away from the horses. Horses always act like they think someone’s out to get them and … Continued…

  1. IMG_3820 December 25, 2014 - Precious Angel

    Morgan and her friend, Jennie, with this year’s Christmas angel.

    Merry Christmas from Sassafras Farm! Thank you all for being here!

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