The Chicken Hasn’t Crossed the Road Yet


Showing off a really pretty bread I made for an order yesterday–rosemary garlic brioche. (If you’re interested, you can find this available in my Etsy shop.)

In other news, the chicken hasn’t crossed the road just yet! I’m still here. Making some changes to my blog, simplifying the layout. Changes are in the wind…. I hope you like it! Let me know. Eliminating the main page so you can get to latest posts more quickly and more easily, and creating a less overwhelming aspect for me in terms of updating. I like it. You?

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Glory Bee Does It Again!


Glory Bee’s new baby! It’s number four for the seasoned mama–and almost a surprise since I’d about given up that she’d have a baby by Bo the Hereford bull. Bo left in March. Cows are pregnant for nine months. Mid-December, out pops Bo’s parting shot! We’re all excited!

Meanwhile, the Jersey bull might be the most excited one.

Glory Bee won’t have to be his platonic buddy anymore!

Oh, and the baby? IT’S A GIRL! Because, like, that’s the only kind I make here, apparently.

P.S. I’m still taking orders for shipment in time for delivery before Christmas. (Orders placed through Sunday, December 17 will ship by Tuesday.) Orders placed after Sunday may or may not ship in time for Christmas, but don’t forget about New Year’s! Goodies are always welcome, any time.

Check out all the new and delicious things in my Etsy shop here!

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    Buttercup and Spice, helping me with my Etsy business. Sleeping on the job…. They’re FIRED!

    P.S. Thank you for missing me. I’ll report more at a future time about all going on, but I’m back!

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    This is what Georgia’s kitchen looks like these days.

    Georgia died three years ago. As those of you who’ve been here know, her son–my cousin Mark–passed away in July, suddenly. These days, his wife Sheryl is working hard to get Georgia’s house renovated. It’s been sitting empty for three years. It’s been a big cleanout just to get this far, and much more work … Continued…

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    Those of you who have read here regularly over the years know of my cousin Mark well. He passed away suddenly yesterday afternoon. More about my beloved cousin at another time.

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  1. June 9, 2017 - Disturbing

    Look at this calf! Photographic evidence proves that I didn’t imagine that she was born a beautiful silvery gray. Amazing coloring. I LOVED IT SO.

    And now….six weeks later….

    Every day, her beautiful gray is slowly transforming to a creamy, beige-y blah similar to Moon Pie’s coloring. SIGH.

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    Looking down on the farm from a walk in the upper pasture.

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