This is my Preciousssssss. She’s about a month old now. She’s a Chinese Crested powderpuff. And she’s going to be mine come mid-December!

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Hello Goat


Oh, sure. Out again! Here’s Maia peeking around the side of the studio to see if anyone has caught on yet that Chloe dug a hole out of the goat yard and brought ALL her friends with her!

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  1. IMG_3558 November 7, 2014 - Rainbow over the Goat Field

    Taken between yesterday afternoon’s rain showers.

  1. IMG_3544 November 5, 2014 - Stretched Thin

    Stretched thin and trying this week! I’ve got a one-day retreat this Saturday, and another one-day retreat next Saturday. Prepping meals, getting supplies organized, milking….. And running after parts today for the new gas wall heater I’m having installed. I need two of me. Make that ten!

  1. IMG_3513 November 3, 2014 - The Fire of Fall

    I loved this light in the dying colors of fall behind the barn this morning and ran for my camera.

  1. IMG_3509 October 30, 2014 - Today In My House

    I started a fire in my wood stove this morning. Because I can. Because I have lots of wood! You can see on my ottoman that I also have yarn out. I’m getting ready to do some crochet projects. The urge to crochet always comes on me in the late fall. I love to crochet in the cold months. It’s … Continued…

  1. IMG_3503 October 28, 2014 - Vandals

    The horses partook in a little vandalism of their own the other day and are currently in the back barn yard until I get the fence in their field fixed. They are so naughty!

  1. IMG_3461 October 27, 2014 - Target Practice

    This past weekend (Thursday to Saturday) was a short doe season here in West Virginia. I did a little target shooting before going out. They say the “kill zone” on a deer is about the size of a paper plate, so I was playing with a paper plate. I’m not that great of a shot, and I wasn’t even shooting that far…. Continued…

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