The Free-Ranging Pigs


I’m sure I’ve mentioned at some point in the past that I don’t like pigs.
Oh, sure, I love the ham and bacon. But not the pigs.
In fact, I usually refer to these two as Ham and Bacon.
Though I’m starting to consider naming them Bonnie and Clyde because they’re on the run ALL THE TIME.
They have a pen. There’s even electric on the pen, but they’re out. ALL THE TIME. I have to shut them out of the alleyway during milking time or they’d try to come in. I have to hurry across the barn yard or they try to chew on my boots. They chase the cows and the goats and the ducks and the chickens. NOBODY likes the pigs. Everybody runs away from the pigs. Apparently, the pigs think this is a game, and they love it.

And sometimes I even think they’re really funny

Until they chew on my boots again.

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Blue Gouda


A blue Gouda, air drying before waxing. I had made this cheese last week and had it dried and ready to be waxed for Saturday’s hard cheese workshops here. During the workshops, we also made a Jarlsberg, a goat’s milk beer cheddar, and a pepper Gouda!

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