An Early Spring Lament


I’m tired of wind, I’m tired of rain.
I want to be a bird with wings.
I’d fly away, somewhere down south.
I’m tired of cold, I’m tired of spring!

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Rustic Homemade Egg Basket


Rodney made this for me last night out of hardware cloth wire and leftover wood.
Can’t wait to show the chickens!

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  1. IMG_7640 March 21, 2016 - It’s Spring, and That Means Peeping

    The meat chicks are here! (More about them tomorrow.)

  1. IMG_7607 March 17, 2016 - Spring Bloometh

    It’s not calendar spring yet, but we’ve been having beautiful weather here. The grass is greening and growing, and the trees are flowering. The weather’s going to turn a bit colder for the rest of the week, but will warm back up next week. I’m SO ready!

    Update on the goose: He has a new home! It’s a nice home with a young … Continued…

  1. IMG_7559 March 14, 2016 - That Goose

    I need to find a new home for the goose. I have too many people out here during workshop season, including younger children. He needs a new home.

    If anybody knows anyone in the area that would take a five-year-old male American Blue goose (originally from the Holderread Waterfowl Preservation Center in Oregon) email me at sassafrasfarmcontact@gmail.com.

  1. IMG_7557r March 7, 2016 - Star Light, Star Bright

    Just put up some new patio lights on the front porch. Love those star lights! It’s going to be in the mid 60s today, and 70s (and DRY!!!) most of the rest of the week. I’m so excited. Early spring, bring it on!

  1. IMG_7088 March 4, 2016 - Herd Shares Now Legal in West Virginia!

    Hell must have frozen over! The sale of raw milk through herd shares is now legal in West Virginia! Senate Bill 387 was signed by West Virginia Governor Tomblin yesterday.

    See the bill here.

    With four cows calving this spring–and two of them dairy cows–yes, I am definitely going to be looking into selling herd shares this spring!

  1. IMG_7493 March 3, 2016 - Roman Ruckus

    Roman Reigns created a ruckus when he figured out how to use his tall Alpine baby legs to jump right out of his pen in the house–from there, he started jumping on the couch and recliners, so now he’s stalled in the barn.

    This is how I usually see him, between my legs, trying to suck on my pants. His stall companion is Cherry…. Continued…

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