The Happiest Sheep in the World


First of all, I want to thank everyone who sent me Facebook messages and emails about the most recent “pirating” of my bouncing sheep video by a popular radio station. I first posted this video in this post on March 16, 2010.

Who knew how out of control this video would become. Not me. I thought it was just another cute animal video. After it went viral and started being stolen, I had gotten a little more adept at video-making and I always add my own attribution and website to the end of every video before posting it to YouTube. However, of course, that can be deleted even so when scrapers steal it. (Scrapers steal videos, duplicate them, and re-post them on YouTube and other places as their own.) The video is also constantly shown by outlets such as that radio station–who themselves may have had no idea where it came from originally. The video has shown up on numerous websites with no attribution to me, and has had hundreds of thousands more views than show up in my YouTube posting because it’s stolen. In a way, the radio station did me a favor. It got so much attention that it came on to the radar of a major video licensing company. After making sure they were legitimate (they represented, for example, the “emotional baby” video that’s been seen on many national TV shows recently), I signed with them.

And so, the happiest sheep in the world (as the radio station referred to Annabelle) is now being protected by a major video licensing company who will be going after the scrapers and anyone else who posts this video without attribution. (If you see it posted anywhere without attribution, please notify me.) They will also monetize it and represent it to national and international television–with attribution to me and payment to me. (I still retain all rights to the video.) Protecting a viral video across the vast internet is far beyond my abilities, and I am so happy to have help.

Thank you so much, and please ONLY view this video on MY website or MY YouTube channel, sharing it via my YouTube channel and with its attribution. And please do share it!!!

My YouTube channel is here:


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Always A Clue


One thing about horses is they’re big. So when they get out and go strolling by your window, at least you notice!

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  1. IMG_1781 March 28, 2014 - Projects in Progress

    As usual at this time of year, a bunch of projects are going on at once, which has me running around day after day to hardware and other stores. I came home this morning with this pile of pipes and other supplies for a new sewer line. I have someone coming this weekend for that job. I actually managed to get this pipe home, … Continued…

  1. IMG_1777 March 26, 2014 - Maybe I Can Potty Train Her

    That’s the old cracked toilet that was taken out of the studio when the new one was installed. My neighbor, Jim, suggested I use it for a flower pot. However, the trash people will be picking it up in a special pickup.

    In the meantime, perhaps Maia could learn to use it! And then move inside for good! Or—-

    We’re discussing.

  1. IMG_1752 March 25, 2014 - Off Kilter

    It snowed today, and Maia has spent most of the day sitting in my/her rocking chair on the back porch. I think it’s just too confusing for her. ME, TOO.

    And I don’t even have my chair.

  1. IMG_1749 March 24, 2014 - Responsibility

    Pretty sure I know who’s responsible for this mess.

    I’d hand her the broom, but….

    ….she’d just eat it!

  1. IMG_1723 March 20, 2014 - Little Follower

    Maia, trying to follow me into the barn.

    Wherever I go, she will go. Wherever I stay, she will stay. My people are her people!

  1. IMG_1698 March 18, 2014 - Family Picture

    Moon Pie is doing great. Yesterday morning, she started playing with Glory Bee’s tail, batting it back and forth with her nose. SHE IS SO CUTE. Glory Bee pays no attention to her frisky antics, just stands there calmly. Dumplin follows her around and stares at her like she wonders where she came from and could she go back?

    Sorry, Dumplin!

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