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Definitely on my Top Five favorite dinners list: homemade pizza. And burritos. And enchiladas. And chili. And a pot of beans and cornbread. Wait a minute. I need room for fried chicken. Can burritos and enchiladas count as one? And what about roast beef and mashed potatoes? Maybe chili and a pot of beans could be one because I make the chili from the leftover pot of beans…..

Can you do just five?

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on October 6, 2009  

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  1. 10-6

    I can not even get close to 5. Fried shrimp, grilled steak, gumbo, a huge big simmering pot of homemade vegetable soup. Well, you get the picture.

  2. 10-6

    :hungry: all I can say is just yummm…oh coffee,chili and cornbread for breakfast. so yummm!!

  3. 10-6

    Top Five meals at the Webster Farm:
    1. Homemade White Pizza w/Brocolli
    2. Biscuits and sausage white gravy
    3. Homemade blueberry pancakes
    4. My pesto made w/goat and parmesan cheese
    5. Buttermilk battered fried chicken!

    Noteworth: numbers 2 and 5 could be a combo! Bon appetite!

  4. 10-6

    :hungry: :shimmy: :hungry:

    lasagna makes it to the list as #1
    2 is apple crisp with homemade ice cream on the side
    3 is hamburgers on the grill
    4 is fresh lettuce and tomato BLT’s
    5 omlets
    Keep in mind it is early and I am drinking the first cup of the day. Oh the yummys we make in this house!! :yes: :snoopy:

  5. 10-6

    This looks delicious! I gotta try to make this.

  6. 10-6

    :hungry: 1 home made thick crust loaded pizza
    2 pot roast with home made bread
    3 home made lasagna with garlic bread
    4 slow cooked BBQ ribs made at home
    5 Apple Crisp with ice cream
    Can I add one more?….home made chocolate chip cookies with pecans!!!! Now I’m hungry!

  7. 10-6

    Desserts are a whole ‘nother list!

  8. 10-6

    Suzanne, I’ve been trying your recipes lately with great success. Everything I’ve tried has been absolutely wonderful. I can’t tell you how great it’s made me look to all my friends and family when I serve up such wonderful fare. But….this morning I pulled out something to wear to work and as I was dressing I glanced into the mirror and to my horror there were your squash muffins dimpling my thighs. Then upon further inspection there was your ‘grandmother bread’ rising on my tummy…What have you done to me???? . OMG I turned that mirror around backwards and headed straight to the kitchen to eat a muffin for breakfast. That was a close one. By the way, we haven’t seen pictures of you lately.

    Your wanna be friend.

  9. 10-6

    LOL, Vicki!!

  10. 10-6

    You are my “What’s for Dinner” blog. Pizza…

  11. 10-7

    #1. greek pork ( roast-chops it’s all the same) and potato’s
    2# home made pizza with ham and pepperoni
    3# venison chili with cornbread
    4# home made macaroni and cheese
    5# salmon patties
    OMG! even get me started on the sweet things!

  12. 10-8

    That pizza looks GOOD. I LOVE Banana peppers on Pizza, or mild Jalepeno’s…and some people melt the Mozz. cheese UNDER the tomato sauce. I LOVE fried chicken anyday, and love sour cream chicken enchiladas…bean burritoes..all that good stuff…but no chili, for me or hubby..we don’t like it. Oh well…

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