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I Think I Can, I Think I Can

I Think I Can, I Think I Can

Like many of you, I live in a rural area. My version of rural just happens to be in the middle of tribal Africa. And even though I am thousands of miles away from most of you, I find we have a lot of things in common. Like you, I …

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Homemade Breakfast Fast-Food

My oldest son is in University and lives in the city. Of course he comes home on a regular basis, to drop off his laundry and to “shop” in my pantry and freezers.

Today’s students don’t want to suffer, but want to drive an almost new car, have the fanciest …

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Meet the Cook: Pirate96

Say hello to Pirate96 from North Carolina!

Q. What are your favorite things to cook?
I have really enjoyed baking bread and pasta dishes–the transformation that happens with simple ingredients is astonishing. Both bread and pasta sauces seem to take on a life of their own and no two are …

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MSG free substitute for bouillon or granules used in cooking

any MSG free recipes and substitutes for bouillon used to make my own, as the homemade recipes all contain flavored granules or bouillon which contain MSG

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Does anyone have a recipe for marshmallows?

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Fuitcake Cookies

My MIL made the only thing I actually liked using the old fashioned citron fruit mix – a very soft cookie. Not a bar, just a regular cookie. Not particularly spicy, and more sponge cake like than a normal cookie.

For some reason, the citron tasted good in this …

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Maple French Toast Bread

Maple French Toast Bread

Categories: Breads, Yeast Breads

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