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A Different Way to Give Cookies


Post by community member:

I don’t know about you, but my Christmas tree is filled with Spidermen, Star Wars characters, and Disney princesses.


And, with kids and family and friends, this is one of the busiest times of the year. Here’s something to help!

An oldie but a goodie–it’s always a good time for a time-saving idea during Christmas! This post is courtesy community member CindyP.

Take it away, Cindy:

I’ve been mixing and freezing cookies for a few weeks now, getting ready for my bake-a-thon.

And what do you suppose happens? The oven is on the fritz. On the fritz!! It started acting up half way through roasting the Thanksgiving turkey and finally gave out that weekend (with a little persuasion from a man in the family).

So!! Not to be deterred or to get myself all in a stress attack, my family is receiving frozen cookie dough. Yes, frozen cookie dough. They’ve never received frozen cookie dough before, it will be something new. And maybe a new tradition will be started. From Cindy’s Freezer to Your Kitchen.

They can bake as many or as few cookies as they’d like at a time. No need for them to feel overloaded with cookies and sweets in one week. (See, it’s all about them, not my oven at all!)

They will think of me (and love me) later in January when they have a hankerin’ for some homemade, warm-from-the-oven cookies. No work involved on their part, just putting frozen cookie balls on a cookie sheet and baking for 8-10 minutes. I’ll be the little man in the big yellow truck this year.

My packaging will be easy (remember, they have to remain frozen). So that means a freezer container or bag.

In Photoshop, I created a very simple tag to print out onto 2×4 labels (found in the office supply section of your favorite store!) in Word or Publisher.

You can borrow this! Click on the photo to open in original size, right click and save to your computer. Insert the picture into the label.

Or they can simply be printed out onto card stock and taped to the container or bag.

You can borrow this! Click on the photo to open in pdf format.

My family will be happy anyway they can get some homemade cookies–or halfways there! I hope the rest of you have a wonderful time baking!!

Cindy blogs at Our Life Simplified.

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