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A Pinch of Friends


Post by community member:

I made this cookbook for all Retreat attendees–the first recipe being Friendship Cake. The friendships made on CITR, FBR, and the forum are very dear to me.

Then today, these beautiful, shiny measuring spoons showed up in my mailbox.

Aren’t they so unique?

Sweet Sonia found these Blessings spoons and they reminded her of the recipe I put in the CITR Retreat cookbook–she just had to send them to me.

A heap of Love, A spoon of Family

A pinch of Friends, A dash of Joy

They’re right at the front of my baking center…to remind me of heaps, spoons, pinches and dashes.

Everyone needs a pinch of friends. Thank you, Sonia, I will treasure them always!

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  1. 9-24

    Oh I love Cindy! You are blessed. Nothing like good friends!
    Granny Trace

  2. 9-24

    The spoons are pretty and unique. I like the style of the cookbook you made too Cin. Where did you find a chicken stamp/punch?

  3. 9-25

    Cindy these are the most beautiful measuring spoons-for a beautiful lady!! I treasured your cookbook when I received it at retreat-but more so since I returned home!! Can’t wait to see u all again-sign me up for ur classes now so I’ll get to visit with u! Have a wonderful week! Rain

  4. 9-25

    Cindy, we were so busy during Retreat that I am sure I never told you how wonderful I thought that cookbook turned out! It’s a treasure – thanks from all of us!


  5. 9-25

    Oh Cindy! I treasure the cookbook you made for us at the Retreat. It holds a special place on my cookbook shelf. I sits between my great-grandmother’s old Rumford cookbook and my mother’s hand written cookbook. Thank you so much for making that for us.

  6. 9-26

    @Leah We (my two nieces helped with the cutting and putting the covers together) used the Cri-cut and SCAL (that’s no longer available, so shhhhh) to cut the chickens out. I did 1/2 like those above then the other 1/2 with the cutout chicken on the coordinating paper.

    I’ve been looking for a punch, will let you know when I find one!

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