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BBQ Coating Mix like Shake ‘n Bake


Does anyone have a recipe for the dry BBQ Shake ‘n Bake mix like they used to do? It made a sticky coating when you cooked it. I think it was for chicken but we loved it on pork chops.

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  1. 6-2

    Your request had to percolate in my mind till I remembered a couple of recipes from friends that I’d plotted to merge (too much salt) and just hadn’t had the motivation. Now I’m heading towards the first bake attempt myself ….. look for BBQ Chicken Coating Mix.

    • 6-3

      Thanks for your help. Ruthmarie, I was unable to find your recipe. Perhaps it hasn’t been added yet. I’m sure I will need to get to the store for supplies first. Let me know how yours turns out. Thanks again, Carla

  2. 6-3

    Here’s a link to a recipe:

    I’ve not tried it but it may be a start for you.


  3. 6-3

    Carla, here’s Ruthmarie’s recipe (it just went up):

  4. 6-3

    Carla, I’m sorry, I should know better to DO the recipe before giving it out … the Tomato Cup O’Soup no longer exists as I checked in two stores on an intuitive twinge as I never buy instant soup mixes. The box I had given to me with the recipe … after digging the box back out of the kitchen pail … was, umm, a little past due.

    I will take that date to my grave! I tossed the first batch and started fresh with a new brainstorm for the tomato taste. I’ll fix the recipe here AFTER I’ve baked the chicken!

    • 6-4

      Let me know how the ketchup works out, or whatever you use. I’m leaning toward the dehydrated tomatoe idea, seems that would be a stronger tomatoe flavor. I would think the spices in whichever ketchup you used would throw off the flavor. And of course make it “wetter” so more of the dry mix would adhere. Not a bad idea but I would like to taste the chicken. Thanks for all your help!!

      • 6-4

        I placed an update on the recipe, removing the soup, increasing the flour and adding the irresistible tomato powder (optional) … thank you, Cindy. Mixed ketchup with honey to dip the chicken; worked pretty decent without overpowering the meat. Sweet and a little zippy! It isn’t glazed or sticky enough to compare to the original, but additional sugar might be the ticket. Good luck!

  5. 6-3

    The tomato cup-a-soup was in the KFC like coating mix I submitted. I’ve never used that as my point was to reduce sodium. I had dehydrated tomatoes so I replaced the Lipton soup with 1 Tbsp tomato powder and add a little extra garlic and onion powders.

    • 6-3

      Tomato powder? oh, I could toss last year’s dried tomatoes in the coffee grinder! … however, I was heading to rolling the chicken in an egg and ketchup blend before dredging in the coating. I mentioned that in front of DH and he made simian grunts … I now have to try that idea first.

    • 6-4

      How do you grind the dryed tomatoes? I don’t have any homemade but they have dehydrated tomatoes at the store. If this is something we like I will definately add it to my to do list this year. I’ve never tryed dehydrating tomatoes but for some reason I started out with just 9 tomatoe plants and now have 24 in the garden this year. I reckon I will have plenty. Thanks for your help!!

      • 6-4

        I use my coffee/spice grinder. It’s just a cheap one I picked up at a yard sale….but I use it for all sorts of things ūüôā

        Oh, Wow, Carla, did your tomato plants reproduce?!??! LOL!

  6. 6-3

    LOL!!! That’s a great idea! or some BBQ sauce ūüėČ

  7. 10-19

    Hello, I remember a better tasting BBQ Shake and bake also. And I also remember when chicken tasted better, before all the tricks they now use to raise them. I have noticed that some of the recipe suggestions on the back of the boxes, have included adding brown sugar, from 1 Tablespoon and up to 3 on certain recipes. I suspect that the reason that they do this is to keep the nutritional statistics appear healthier as listed on the box. I have used 1 T. of Domino granulated sugar with much improved flavor. I would imagine that regular old brown sugar would work as well.
    If anyone nails down a close facsimile or a better version, I would be ecstatic! Arthur (New to this site)

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