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I went to Illinois last year and was turned onto this BBQ rub that the local IGA (? store name) made in their department – and it tasted exactly like BBQ chip seasoning, very sweet, not too spicy, you could lick your fingers after handling the rub and swear you just ate BBQ chips. Anyways, it is SO GOOD on pork and the friend who lived there has moved so I no longer get my supply shipped to me, but would LOVE to know if anyone knows the recipe or has one similar. Dry, BBQ rub, can tell there is a lot of brown sugar in it as it hardens quick and has some stickiness to it….
Thank you!!!

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  1. 5-11

    I have family that lives in Ill and I know they live close to IGA stores. If you’d like, you let me know the name and I’ll see if she’d get some for you and maybe you could figure it out that way! Teri in SD

  2. 5-12

    Do you happen to remember what brand or if it was the store brand? I know we used to have an IGA up in Deadwood but they’re closed now. I did email her and asked just to be sure but I remember IGA’s from visiting there.

  3. 5-12

    yep, it is the store brand, and i am almost positive it is just strictly IGA. but the wrid thing is, we have IGA’s here and they don’t make it. I have also been to IGA’s in FL and a few other states and they don’t make it…. it was just IL for some reason!!! haha!!! but any advice would be aweosme! thanks

  4. 5-12

    Okay – my sister-in-law is on a mission. She’s going to try to find some for all of us :). I’ll keep you updated to how she’s doing. She’s excited to be trying.

    • 5-13

      i am so excited that your sister is so excited in helping!!!! that is fun!! and you will love it!!!! right out of the container it tastes and smells exactly like BBQ chips….. but if you COAT ribs, pork steak, chops, butt/shoulder in the stuff – it caramalizes and it is rich and smoky and SO incredible!!!! SOOOOOOO good.

  5. 6-7

    Just heard back from my sister-in-law and unfortunately she wasn’t able to find it at their local IGA. She asked the manager and two store employees and they had no clue what she was talking about – sorry about that.

  6. 5-14

    The rub can be purchased at the Millstadt-Redbud IL IGA stores. It is produced by McCarthy Spice in St. Louis. Unfortunately, the recipe is owned by someone from the original grocery store. It is a proprietary recipe, which means McCarthy is not allowed to sell to anyone else. And the IGA store is not allowed to disclose the recipe.
    It is delicious, tastes like BBQ potato chips only sweetened, and sinks into the meat really well.
    Unfortunately, I moved an hour away and can’t get it anywhere else.

    • 1-9

      I had no idea that BBQ Rub was local. Not sure how old this thread is, but I just bought some of those pork steaks from the IGA here in Effingham IL today. ūüôā I’ve been living in Colorado for some time, and one of the first things I do when I go to the IGA in Effingham is buy some of this rub!

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