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Broth Spices…


What is a good spice for the base of a chicken stock?…My husband got sick after eating chicken soup about a year ago…and is very turned off by that broth base. He loves Suzanne’s Black Bean and Corn soup that uses Chili powder in the beef broth…but I don’t want to add Chili powder to everything. Ugh! Any suggestions??

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  1. 12-21

    If you are trying to disguise the chicken-y flavor of chicken broth, basil and saffron might be nice. Or try vegetable broth as your soup base instead if your hubby is turned off by chicken broth. Come to think of it, I believe that Knorr makes a tomato broth base, too. Look for it in the Mexican section of your supermarket.

    • 12-27

      I think that the celery/carrots basic broth is what bothers him, since he got sick after eating basic chicken soup. We are all sensitive to MSG, so I make my own stock…so no worries there. Thank you Helen…I will look for those Knorr bases…that info. really helps. I don’t own saffron (one of the few that I wince at the price tag and am not sure how to use)…but I’ll investigate it. Thank you all…for the kind info!

      • 12-27

        Be sure to check on the amount of MSG in the Knorr brand! I used to use them, but had to stop because of the MSG. They are very good. I haven’t checked them in a while, so they may have stopped using them, but about a year ago they still had MSG. Or at least what was on local shelves had it.

  2. 12-22

    You have to watch the commercial soup bases – most that I have found contain MSG. For those of us avoiding MSG, that makes it difficult to use what is available from the store shelves.

    For what it’s worth, “getting sick” from consuming something containing it was my first clue that I had become overly sensitive to MSG.

  3. 12-27

    I always just use celery with the leaves, carrots and onions in the kettle with the chicken. Gives me a nice neutral stock that I finish with salt and pepper.

  4. 12-27

    Maybe just try gently simmering a single piece of chicken in plain water and then season with just salt and pepper. Be diligent about skimming the fat. Then add spices one at a time according to his likes and dislikes. When Nancy went through chemo I experimented with many combinations. You need to determine what is pleasing and what is objectionable for him. Change only one thing at a time. Maybe it is the chicken and not the flavorings. Try turkey and find out if he likes that better. If the beef and chili pleases him then maybe the more robust flavor of the beef is the clue. try roasting the chicken brown before you make stock. The illness may have been unrelated to the food but he has connected them by association. I have experienced this personally.

    • 12-27

      Thank you for your very thoughtful and detailed response…I think I need to do this…pare it down to the little details and figure out what it is exactly that he’s associating, etc.

  5. 12-30

    I submitted my favorite recipe for chicken stock/broth.

    Using bones for broth is incredibly healthy.

    Read about it here, if you like :

    Good luck and good health !


  6. 1-22

    I am a bit late to find this request, but when I make homemade chicken soup I sometimes add diced tomatoes without draining them and a little bit of worcestershire sauce. I never measure so I can’t give any exact amounts. I add lots of different veggies, and sometimes pasta and or barley. It tastes a bit like alphabet soup.

  7. 1-23

    I also forgot to say that the chicken stock with tomato added makes great soup with brown and wild rice, you still use the carrots celery and onions, but it doesn’t have the strong celery taste.

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