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Canning Green Tomatoes


Does anyone know how to can green tomatoes for frying this winter as mentioned earlier this week? Do they get soggy or soft? Also, my mom is allergic to sodium. Would you be able to omit the salt? Any recipe would be helpful. Thanks!!

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  1. 8-19

    Carla, the only info I can find in the BBB is on freezing green tomatoes in slices. I posted it here:

    • 8-20

      Thanks so much for your info. Now why didn’t I think to check the BBB.
      Dede– do you know the ratio for lemon juice to water? I suppose 15 minutes in a boiling water bath should do it?
      Thanks again.

      • 8-20

        Carla, I actually confirmed that info on the NCHFP/USDA website.
        The acidification with bottled lemon juice is done per jar – 1 Tbsp. per pint and 2 Tbsp. per quart. I would go with the times in the BBB for tomatoes packed in water = 40 minutes for pints and 45 for quarts. AND I would add Pickle Crisp to keep those slices firm!

  2. 8-19

    Green tomatoes are more acidic than ripe tomatoes, so you can use any approved tomato-canning recipe and sub green tomatoes for ripe (and acidify as directed). I had to think about it and check the facts first, but as I recall, the most popular way to do these is in wide mouth quarts. Scrub the tomatoes, slice thickly, stack in jars and can in water w/lemon juice added. Boiling water bath.
    Carla, you’ll be happy to know that salt is NOT needed for anything but some pickle recipes!
    I do have a friend who freezes his green tomato slices in new pizza boxes lined with waxed paper after breading them in egg and flour/cornmeal. Works great and they stack great in the freezer he says.

  3. 8-20

    Hmmmmm, I love eggplant that way too, and zucchini as well! I’m making breaded fried zucchini now as a matter of fact, (Yes, I know, NOT very healthy, but now and then it’s YUM!) I bet freezing any of it that way would/could be good. I’m asking my local pizza place for a couple boxes!

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