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December 2011 Monthly Contributor Giveaway


Post by community member:

Farm Bell Recipes blog contributors are eligible (and automatically entered!) in a giveaway each month in which one contributor will be drawn (by, using the days of the month that posts run) to receive a prize. Each month’s prize (and previous month’s winner) will be listed here, in a blog post on the Farm Bell Recipes blog, and in the Chickens in the Road newsletter.

The prize for the November contributor giveaway was a Silpat Non-Stick Silicone Baking Liner. selected #4. The post that ran on the Farm Bell Recipes blog on November 4 was My Dad’s Thanksgiving Sandwich by Faith. (Faith, email me at with your full name and address for shipping!)

If you submit a post, you will be notified in advance as to when your post will run. Posts run as space is available and are subject to editorial approval.

Posts on the Farm Bell blog may be recipes, cooking memories, kitchen chat, or just about anything and everything food-related. A trip down the pages of an old recipe book. A list of favorite old-fashioned kitchen gadgets. An ode to your favorite fruit or vegetable. Ideas for entertaining. Memories of learning to can with your grandmother. Your favorite ways to use up all that zucchini in the summer, or a sentimental set of dishes.

If it’s about cooking and the kitchen and food, it belongs on the Farm Bell blog!

To submit a post, go here!

(If you need help submitting a post, we have a tutorial here.)

Note: You must be a registered member of Farm Bell Recipes to submit a post.

The prize for the December contributor giveaway will be a Le Creuset Stoneware Honey Pot.

We’d love to hear your voice!

Do you have a recipe post or kitchen-related story to share on the Farm Bell blog? See Farm Bell Blog Submissions for information and to submit a post.

Want to subscribe to the Farm Bell blog? Go here.

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  1. 11-30

    Wow! Yay! 🙂

    Today is an awesome day.

  2. 11-30

    Yay is right! The post is one of my favorites. I have a Daddy’s girl who lost her Dad back in ’95. The post made us both teary-eyed and brought back wonderful memories.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. 11-30

    It was a wonderful post! Congratulations, Faith!!

  4. 11-30

    @fmcdaniel I thought of you and on your Dad on Friday…as I was making a humungous sandwich made out of everything 🙂 The rest of the family was jealous.

  5. 11-30

    @cindyp I’m glad you had a sandwich! I meant to take a picture of mine, but I forgot and ate it all before I remembered. Oops! It was extra delicious though 🙂

    @oldwvbroad Thank you! I’m glad my story gave you an enjoyable walk down memory lane.

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