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Fun Way to Transport and Serve Deviled Eggs

Submitted by: wvhomecanner on May 28, 2010
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Fun Way to Transport and Serve Deviled Eggs

I saw this idea a few years back and it’s the very BEST!

Difficulty: Easy

Servings: unlimited!


deviled eggs
egg cartons (well washed – I like to use the yellow ones)
lettuce or other leafy greens


Just make your favorite deviled eggs EXCEPT cut the eggs across the middle (instead of end to end) so they will sit well in the egg cartons. Place a piece of torn lettuce on each ‘cup’ before adding the egg halves. Fill egg halves (I put my yolk mixture in a baggie, snip the corner and use like a pastry bag). Insert a toothpick in each egg for ease in serving/plucking out the filled eggs. Garnish with paprika or whatever you like. Close the cartons, pop in a cooler with some ice and GO. When you open the cartons to serve, the opened cartons fit one into the other (see pic above). Cleanup is as easy as closing and tossing the empty cartons. You can fancy these up with frilly toothpicks, ruffly lettuce or other greens, etc.

Categories: Appetizers & Snacks, Budget, Crowd-Size, Eggs, Potluck, Special Occasions, Tips & Tricks

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  1. 5-28
    Profile photo of marymac

    Dede, this is such a neat idea, and deviled eggs have always been a rather messy challenge to take to picnics. I think this is a keeper idea!!!

  2. 5-28
    Profile photo of Dede ~ wvhomecanner

    Mary, this is definitely one of my favorite ‘tricks’ – it’s attractive on top of being so efficient. Deviled egg trays/dishes/carriers always seem to ‘kind of’ work LOL.

  3. 5-31
    Profile photo of IPlayOutsideTheBox

    Fantastic clever idea!!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. 5-31
    Profile photo of Staci

    What a fantastic idea!

  5. 7-29
    Profile photo of David

    This will probably join my broccoli/cauliflower salad when my church sunday school class takes annual fall trip to a church camp along the New River in October.

    I really like the idea.

  6. 7-29
    Profile photo of Dede ~ wvhomecanner

    It works so well and the containers being disposable is perfect for a trip like that, David.

  7. 8-5
    Profile photo of mary

    What a clever idea.

  8. 9-5
    Profile photo of Woodwife

    I did this for the 4th of July and it worked out so well and looked so nice I’ve been saving egg cartons just for this ever since. Gonna do up a batch for tomorrow.

  9. 10-27
    Profile photo of Helen

    Because of the possibility of salmonella, if I was going to use egg cartons to transport deviled eggs, I would wash the egg carton very carefully with dish detergent and hot water before lining the cups with lettuce.

    p.s. It is a really cute idea, though ūüôā

  10. 10-27
    Profile photo of Dede ~ wvhomecanner

    Helen, that’s why it says “well washed” after egg cartons ūüėČ


  11. 9-22
    Profile photo of LK

    I think that this is a great idea too.We also figured out that tiny individual chive blossoms made the most beautiful garnish! ūüėČ

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