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Garbanzo Beans Cooked Up


Post by community member:

Aren’t these the prettiest little things? Green garbanzo beans!

Usually I have to grow these to get them green, but recently I found them at the store. YAY! Indeed, I found these at my local Walmart, which makes me think I am a little behind the times. If Walmart carries them, they must already be old hat in the foodie world, right?

*sniff* But they are so tasty…

Ha! Fooled Ya! As if I care what foods are passé and which are still trendy. Please see Exhibit A: my wide load.

Not that these will make you tubby. (In moderation, of course.) These are healthy, full of green-y goodness, and excellent as a meat substitute. Unless you are trying to take a good, non-blurry, picture of yourself pouring the oil into the pan. At which point you use too much oil.

I think I will survive.

Shall we get this party started?

Great Green Garbanzo Beans

4 cups green garbanzo beans, shelled
3 Tablespoons olive oil
1 teaspoon cumin seeds
salt and pepper to taste

Put olive oil in pan over high heat.

Add cumin seeds. Cook until seeds start to “pop”. Shake pan like when making popcorn.

Add green garbanzo beans, reduce heat to medium.

Cook for 10-12 minutes to desired consistency.

Salt and pepper to taste.

Serve hot as a side, or added to noodles, or cool completely and toss with a salad.

Get the handy print page and save this to your recipe box here:
Green Garbanzo Beans.

Larissa blogs at The Henway.

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  1. 1-31

    Larissa, these look yummy, I like garbanzo beans. I have to look for them in another store. I have to drive an hour one way to the closest Walmart that would have them. That might make them a little expensive. Have a great day and thanks for the post.

  2. 1-31

    Well don’t those look just wonderful enough to have for breakfast? Yum, indeed!!

  3. 1-31

    I DID have some for breakfast! LOL! This weekend I found some at my local Food City, which is the Hispanic-marketed version of Bashas or AJ’s Fine Foods. So, I am guessing the green garbanzo beans are gettting pretty popular?

  4. 1-31

    I loved garbanzo beans when I was little…. I’ll have to revistit them.

  5. 1-31

    WOW KI’ve not seen green garbanzos, not in my reg. food store, the fancypants Whole Foods, or even the Mexican or the Puerto Rican stores. Next place to look is our local “Indian Strip” where the stores have rows and rows of dried beans and garam masala, and mint chutney and all sorts of yummies….bet they’ll have these too. However, the recipe looks like it might be great for edemame!

  6. 1-31

    I haven’t heard of/seen these before. Are they in the produce section or in can goods?

  7. 1-31

    They were with the fresh produce. We had to shell them.

  8. 1-31

    Aaaaah, yes, this would be a most excellent way to do edemame! In fact, this is just about how a friend did some for us once. (Maybe that’s why the pic looks just a little familiar? Thanks for that memory assist, bonita!)

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