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GooOOO Cake!


Post by community member:

At the end of October my husband and I, both graduates of the University of Arizona, packed up the kids, drove to Tucson, and attended Homecoming Weekend.

It was a bit of a reunion for me — my best friend (also a U of A graduate) flew in from Chicago, another good friend came in from the DC area, as did a number of other old U of A friends and coworkers. We spent the most of our time hanging out with old friends and their new families at our favorite old haunts.

Someone would ask, “What are your plans for the weekend?” and another would answer “I am not leaving Tucson until I get a basket of Green Fries and a Hen House from the Frog & Firkin.” or “I need BBQ chicken pizza from No Anchovies.” or “Gentle Bens. I have been jonesing for a raspberry beer and portabello mushroom burger.”

Looking back, it seems like all we did in college was eat, which can’t be right, since I remember being money poor and, well, SKINNY.

Anywhoo! Saturday was game day, which meant tailgating and various university club tents. The Student Union tent had a cake commemorating the 125th year of the university. A majestic creation — sculpted to look like the beautiful and proud Old Main.

Majestic Old Main

err, the majestic cake (?).


OK, I am just kidding. The cake is still a billion times better than anything I could do. I don’t have the patience needed for such work. I wish I were half as talented. Even though I found the cake sculpture wreck-worthy, the cake itself was AWESOME. See the little cupcakes in the picture? I think I ate ~10 all by myself. THEN I gave a cupcake to the kids.

The Union’s head baker was distributing the recipe—one passed down in the U of A student union for the last 125 years.

Bear Down, Arizona!

Get the handy print page and save this to your recipe box here:
White Sheet Cake.

Larissa blogs at The Henway.

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  1. 11-29

    The recipe reads yummy! I can just smell it baking and the power of suggestion has me wanting cake and it’s nearly 1:30a.m. Headed for bed before I eat something. Cute post!

  2. 11-29

    I loaded the recipe into the recipes now updated the post with the handy print page!

    Thanks for sharing, Larissa! 🙂

  3. 5-31

    We use this recipe now for all of our white cake needs (birthday parties and more). It is our recipe of choice for white cake.

    I have never before had such a rich and still fluffy homemade white cake before. It even works well with 1/2 of the white flour substituted with fresh whole grain flour. It turned out even better, in fact!

    We also cut the sugar down to 1 1/2 c. with good results. I recommend the recipe highly to all who want to know more about it.

    This recipe, once Canadian, has “come back home” after many years. Thank you! Thank you!

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