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Grandmother Bread


I’m looking for Suzanne’s recipe for Grandmother Bread. Does anyone have it? Thanks!!!

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    Here is the Grandmother Bread Cookbook Page!

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    I had to search around myself a bit before I found my way around, but if you’re looking for any of Suzanne’s recipes, you can locate them by clicking on Cooking in the top line menu. That will take you to the Cooking section, and at the top of the page on the far right, you’ll see a green square with the words Cooking Archives. Click on that and you’ll find a list of all the recipes Suzanne has inluded over the years. (There may be other ways to get there, but this was the easiest for me).

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    thank you both so much! I looked and looked and did finally find all of her recipes by scrolling down a ways on the main page and there was a link there under a recipe for her Cheesecake Cookies titled “All of My Recipes”. Took me awhile but I got there!!! Thanks a bunch.

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    daisymae, that’s good to know (I really want to make those cheesecake cookies, anyway). ūüôā Also, I just realized that the little Be Happy, Chickens in the Road box on the front page (upper right–same place as the green Cooking Archives box on the Cooking page) changes to Cooking Archives, Craft Archives, etc.,. I hadn’t noticed that before.

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