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Honeyed Yellow Tomato Butter

Submitted by: suzanne-mcminn on July 31, 2010
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Honeyed Yellow Tomato Butter

Sweet and delicious–use as you would apple butter.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Servings: 7 half-pints

Prep Time: 1 hour   Cook Time: 10 minutes  


5 pounds yellow tomatoes (about 15 medium)
2 cups sugar
1 cup honey
1 1-inch piece of fresh ginger, peeled
1 tablespoon whole allspice
2 sticks cinnamon


Prepare pulp. (Tomatoes–peeled, cored, seeded.) Measure 2 quarts tomato pulp. The directions say to core them them quarter them then cook–then push through a sieve or food mill. I went ahead and blanched, peeled, cored, seeded, then ran the seeded pulp through the blender. (I think that was the hard way….)

Combine tomato pulp, sugar and honey in a large pot. Tie spices in a bag and add to mixture. Cook slowly until thick (mixture rounds up on a spoon), stirring frequently. Remove spice bag; ladle into hot jars. (1/4-inch headspace) Remove air bubbles, adjust lids and rings. Process in a hot water bath 10 minutes.
(Recipe from: Ball Blue Book of Preserving)

Categories: Boiling Water Bath, BWB Jams, Jellies, Butters & Preserves, Canning, Gourmet, Preserving

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  1. 8-21

    I had an abundance of yellow tomatoes this year and thought this sounded delicious. I followed your recipe, but had some difficulty with it. The pulp/sugar/honey mixture would not thicken up. I cooked it for a very long time thinking maybe I hadn’t drained enough of the juice from the tomatoes before running them through the food processor. I finally resorted to adding 1 pkg of pectin and some additional sugar. Now just waiting to see how it sets up & tastes. Was just wondering if maybe the pectin was left off your recipe? I haven’t seen too many preserve-type recipes without it(including from my OLD Ball preserving book.

    • 9-11

      Did it turn out ok after adding pectin and sugar? I’m experiencing the same problem,for the 2nd time, the pulp won’t thicken to “mounding on spoon” consistency. I followed the recipe to a T.
      This batch has been on the stove for several hours, literally, because I finally gave up at 3am and went to bed leaving it simmering on the stove and now here it is 2pm the next day and still not to desired consistency!

      Someone, anyone, Please Help!!


  2. 8-21

    Hi, mofarmer! I double-checked just now to be sure–this recipe is from the BBB (page 30) and there is no pectin. I didn’t have any trouble with it (and I didn’t use pectin), so my guess would be the same as yours, maybe too much liquid. It’s really good. I hope yours sets up all right!

  3. 7-22

    I’m so eager for my yellow tomatoes to come on this year to try this recipe (ever since i saw it in the BBB i won on here!).

    I just have a question. I trust the BBB implicitly in the safety of their recipes, I’m just curious why this tomato based recipe is safe to can without added acidity? Do you have insight on this? Just curious.

  4. 9-13

    Tomatoes on their own are very high acid. My best guess would simply be that the acid would be concentrated as it cooks down, therefore no additional acid need be added. Also, preserves and jams and such with all the added sugar ha e the sugar as the preservative.

    A general observation here: Butters never are as thick as jams, but can, of course, be cooked down to whatever consistency you want. Could the answer be as simple as cooking the butter with the lid on instead of removing the lid so that liquid can evaporate more easily?

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