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It Started with a Bread Bag


Post by community member:

To be more precise, it started in the 60’s when, as a kid, I began to be concerned about the landfills becoming full. Reduce, reuse and recycle has been my mantra for 40 plus years.

So I reused bread bags. When you have five kids, there are a LOT of bread bags! My drawer was busting. My only recourse was (horrors!) to throw them in the trash–or to make my own bread. I made a vow to see if I could go for one year without buying bread. That was five years ago. I haven’t bought bread since–I even make our rolls and buns.

I also set my sights on drastically reducing the amount of trash we haul to the landfill. We don’t have a service and it really makes one think about trash. The next step was composting. That is so simple. We now have the best soil in our garden. Actually, we now have a garden. Virginia clay does not make for a very good garden without additives. If you garden at all and don’t compost, you are effectively throwing away money. And you are filling up the landfills.

Imagine how it feels to see…


… when you live in the woods. Seriously?

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  1. 6-5

    I need some bread bags! I haven’t bought bread or buns in a few years now and finally used all my old ones. Wrapping home-made bread is a problem. Maybe my MIL can save me hers.

    I had forgotten about using bread bags!

    I am a mulcher and composter too.

  2. 6-5

    I use my old thin clear produce bags from the grocery store to bag my homemade loaves. Suzanne’s Granmother bread fits perfectly inside, and I just tie the handles up to keep it fresh for up to five days!

  3. 6-5

    When I was a kid, the bread bags were made of wax type paper . . . my Mom re-used them for EVERYTHING! I used to beg her for a piece to rub on my swing set slide to make it slicker. When the plastic bread sacks came out, she, of course, found many uses for them too. Her main use was for her homemade bread! I was glad to be raised frugally and can remember bread bags (several layers) for snow boots for my kids (we were poor) and for sandwich bags for school lunch sandwiches (which my kids thought were totally embarrassing), etc. We did and still do recycle as much as possible. We live in the country & can burn, so that’s a plus with our composting! It amazes me to go down our country roads and see trash barrels sitting out, waiting for the trash truck!

  4. 6-5

    Whenever I out my bread in a bag, I find that condensation build up inside the bag and my bread gets soggy. This is after waiting overnight for the bread to cool. So I’ve been wrapping my bread in Saran wrap because I can then get the plastic right up next to the bread. We don’t eat a whole lot of bread, there are only two of us, but I just hate throwing out food if I dont have to. Have you ever encountered this problem?

  5. 6-5

    My routine is after baking the bread, I let it cool completely before wrapping. I use that freezer paper that is wax coated on one side. I wrap whole loaves (I make three at a time) in that, tape the ends shut. Label it with type and date and freeze whole. When thawing, just take out and place on counter. Do not unwrap. The bread never sweats or gets wet.

    I pre-slice one loaf and put in gallon size zip lock bags. Press out as much air as possible before sealing. Then I just break loose a couple of slices when wanted, re-seal and put it back in the freezer.

    If I can get a supply of bread wrappers that is my preferred method, but I use two bags enveloped together for strength.

  6. 6-5

    My Grandmother reused cereal box liners. She would cut it out to lay flat and use that to roll her pie dough or her biscuits on. then throw away. She saved everything. We would line our snow boots with bread bags to keep our feet dryer in the winter time.

  7. 6-7

    I LOVE the trash can photo!! And in some cities, I’m told you pay extra to have “yard waste” hauled away!
    At our local IGA the store brand carries a “bread and storage bag” that holds a loaf pan size of home made bread. I think a Kroger store carries them, too.

  8. 3-5

    I have an old cookbook (pre 1930 I think?) that talks about how it’s “unhealthy” to eat bread just out of the oven when it’s hot, as that’s when it grows mold! ūüėÄ

    It’s an amazing book to read, all the “science” that isn’t anymore.

    Anyway, this thread reminded me of that, so I thought I’d post it.

    I use produce bags for thoroughly cooled bread. It sits out until it cools, and our bread goes in a bread box, not the fridge. My default bread is a yogurt bread and it molds really easily if wrapped warm.


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