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active 7 years, 11 months ago

  • Sheryl- meant to say thanks for the settings

  • That’s what Jan-n-tn means. Live 50 miles east of Memphis. I’m a transplant from,,,you name it I been there.

  • Sheryl, I have never roasted or eaten chicken, cooked this way though, I have heard and seen it in other media. Yours looks so good that I’ve decided to try it this weekend. ? How does Hubby set up his charcoal (direct/indirect)(high/med/low heat) or do you use a gas grill? I would like to come […]

  • jan~n~tn commented on the post, Anyone Can Do It! 8 years ago

    Sal, what a feeling of kinship I had, while reading your post. All the way through it, I found myself smiling with tears in my eyes. We need to keep learning, because it keeps us fresh and young. “You’ve come a long way, baby”.

  • These truly took my breath away with their unique beauty. Thank you for the post.

  • Thank you, bonita. I am going to try this recipe, it sounds delicious.

  • Gorgeous eggs. I have a concern about the cook time. 1-3 hrs, seems like a long time. Won’t the eggs turn out tough, Or am I reading something wrong?

  • CindyP or Kelly in TX-
    I would like to know how you ladies serve this wonderful delight.
    Like a cobbler or turn the whole thing out like an upside-down cake?

  • How beautiful can one pot be???? Thank you for putting this up for giveaway. I submitted ‘Never Any Left – Cheese Ball’. It’s a superbowl party favorite with crackers or pretzels.

  • Mix the cream cheese and dressing mix by hand. You can put some of the chopped nuts into this mix for added interest. After you have it mixed, scrape it into a ball form and roll it in the remaining chopped nuts. Chill and serve with your favorite crackers.

  • Larissa, don’t scold the chics to badly…at least they gave you what you needed to do the recipe. That was a blessing, even if you did have to use the FART. The Mousse looks scrumptious

  • Serious collector of cookbooks, here!
    I would love to receive one of these.

  • Rearranged the pantry awhile back. I couldn’t believe how many cans of pumpkin were hiding in there. Big ones, little ones, solid and all. Don’t know what I was thinking…
    How many ‘mason jar’ size biscuits, does this make?

  • How memorable this post will be, when you show it to your sons’ new wife.
    You mentioned..’batches of cantaloupe jam’ your post. Can you please give out the recipe for it, so I can unload the freezer of last years mellon chunks? I tried jam last fall, but didn’t have good results.

  • OH and Happy Birthday!!!!

  • WOW! This story has it all. Sadness=no more hotdogs. Informative=legwork. Thrifty=to begin with anyway. Family involvement=always a good thing (you can claim that someone else did it). Optimism=it smells good. Hysterical=I’m still laughing at the mental pictures of ya’ll trying to get the sausage monster under control. Success/Failure/Success. Oh…[Read more]

  • jan~n~tn commented on the post, Canned Coleslaw?! 9 years ago

    Hey thanks Y’all(Pete-Dede). The row of cabbage in the garden, is soon to become ‘slaw in the jar’.
    DH will be ecstatic. It just sounded to easy to be true.Thanks again!

  • jan~n~tn commented on the post, Canned Coleslaw?! 9 years ago

    Ok, I have a question. Because you add a little bit of sugar, and some vinegar, you are saying it’s safe to HWB cabbage? A low acid vegetable. My searches have only found frig/frozen/pickled/dried. If this is true, someone needs to let the USDA know about this revelation. How long is the shelf life for […]

  • Oh-Please-Please-Let-Me-Be-Lucky-Today!!
    I love/need/want the bowls!
    What a GREAT giveaway.
    Suzanne,you are special!

  • YEAH!!!!!have been picking at this off and on since, sometime this morning, but I finally got here. Is the ‘community cookbook’ going to be rolled over into the ‘Farm Bell Recipes’? Hope with this change…more time will magically appear during the day/night for you. Can’t wait to browse for goodies. Winning the kit would be […]

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