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  • Eve posted an update 7 years, 9 months ago

    Yeah, just finished my fig jelly. I of course read directions, then read others ideas and trials and errorsand here is what I did. I made fig juice, added the sugar, lemon and pectin , I have a most wonderful red jars of jelly. 4 large jars to be exact. It is so yummy. I also have many more figs to come, those I may turn into a type of fig butter, like apple butter. To make the fig juice I just used enough water to cover the bottom of the pot, added my figs and slowly reduced them down and then mashed them, strained and then continued with the regular jelly process. I love this site, I can go read what others are doing and go ahead with my trials and errors.

    • Wow I never made ig jelly I do like figs dried and will eat them when I can find them.
      I just finished making red raspberry jam I just use suagar and fruit I have tried using pectin many times but I do not have any luck with it.

      • The fig preserves we make uses the whole figs, and lots of sugar. Didn’t ever try to make fig jelly. Sounds like it came out good.

    • I’ve never made fig jelly, just preserves. My figs are gone for this year, unless the second crop makes (and they never do). I have a friend with a different type of fig tree: her figs have a very tough peel which were not good preserved. They might be okay for jelly though, thanks for the idea!

      • I only used a little water, just covered the bottom of the pan, used low heat and let it simmer for a good hour maybe hour and a half. Used masher to mash it all up, strained and then mixed as called for on directions of pectin. Since the peel is tough this may be the way to go for you. The color is a wonderful red color.

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