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active 7 years, 10 months ago

  • Thumbnail As you all know, I am not so good at following directions. For whatever reason, I feel compelled to be creative with even the most simple recipes. It doesn’t always work out for me. My dad is very much the same way. Perhaps he’s where I get it from. He used to claim he used […]

  • Wait, WHAT? I won something? SHAWEEEEEET!

    Thank you Cindy & Suzanne! I love contributing to FBR!!

  • Thumbnail All right, folks, I am finally getting around to explaining how I made The Stink-Eye Cake . It took us a while, and I took a TON of pictures, so I feel obligated to use them all. I apologize in advance. It was a silly project, and Pastrymama and myself got a little silly ourselves. Lucky you. […]

  • Thumbnail It is starting to heat up here in Phoenix. This week, we’ll be holding a steady 110+ degrees. It will stay that way until a drought-reduced monsoon season rolls through, making it 115+ degrees and 75% humidity. Non-desert dwellers will say things like, “But it is a DRY heat.” Mmmhmmm, yes. Dry like the surface […]

  • 1. Submerge completely in water. Use a smaller pan lid to hold them under water, if necessary. 2. Boil 45-50 minutes, or until tough outer leaves pull off easily. 3. Drain completely. 4. Pull off leaves, dip in favorite dips (garlic butter, mustard, mayo, vinegar). 5. Scrape tender part of leaves clean with your teeth. […]

  • Thumbnail Mmmm…these were soooo tasty. Now that I am comfortable canning things, I find I like to can random items. Limes, radishes, eggs, watermelon rinds, and artichokes have all somehow found their way into a briny bath. FYI– I am totally ready for when the zombies come. I mean, eating wise. I very much doubt I will […]

  • Boil ingredients for about 10 minutes. Can items as directed by USDA canning guide.

  • I think the recipe we followed was from the Martha Stuart cookbook. It is the same recipe Pastrymama used when she was pastry chef at the Phoenecian

  • Thumbnail So…are you gonna grab one of those Peeps? What? You can’t possibly intimidated by a little stink-eye and some frosting? Well, I was. Me + cake decorating = recipe for disaster. So, I decided to get a little schooling. By a pastry chef. By a pastry chef who keeps chickens. The above cake is just […]

  • Larissa commented on the post, I Have Issues 8 years ago

    I dunno. Probably not. I made the green bread (in dinner roll form) and it was a huge it when the ‘rents were here. Variety is the spice of life?

  • Larissa wrote a new post, I Have Issues 8 years ago

    Thumbnail Did you know, when you use the blue salt in bread, with an egg, it turns it slightly green? Not BRILLIANT green, mind you, but juuuuuust enough for me to want to dye our daily bread some funky-monkey colors? I think this Easter’s egg-scapades have warped my sense of “normal” colored foods. Whatever. Bring it, Bunny. […]

  • Larissa commented on the post, Meet the Cook: Rachel 8 years ago

    Rachel has to be the coolest cook, ever. 😉

  • Put my name in the hat too, please!

  • Thumbnail What crazy person put Earth Day the Friday before Easter? Who decided that? Because I TOTALLY can’t handle that much Technicolor baking, cooking, and decorating in one weekend. If I had tried to make cookies for Earth Day, on Earth Day, I would have been sweating colored sweat, like the Gatorade commercial. Instead, I made […]

  • Larissa commented on the post, Un-Betty Crocker 8 years ago

    Coblogger cries out for gooseberries. Reminds other coblogger she is out of GB jam.

  • Larissa commented on the post, Himalayan Pink Salt 8 years ago

    So…I was just making some of Suzanne’s grandmother bread, and used the blue salt. With an egg, it turns the bread green, but not BRILLIANT green, so of course I had to add some MORE color. Someone needs to take away my food coloring before I get into trouble.

  • Larissa commented on the post, Himalayan Pink Salt 8 years ago

    He’ll figure it out, eventually. Perhaps when I run this particular post on my blog….MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Thumbnail A few days ago, I was at the store with the husband and stumbled on a bag of Himalayan Pink Salt. I picked it up, looked at it, and thought, “Salt is salt. Why would anyone pay $4 a pound for salt? This isn’t the Middle Ages…” I was just about to put it back […]

  • I chopped some watermelon last night!

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