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Mixed fruit jelly


I am coming to the end of the jelly season ūüôā and have different types of juice left over that I would like to do a mixed fruit jelly from. I have pear, apple, grape – 2 or 3 cups of each. My problem is that I don’t know what the ratio of juice/sugar should be to a package of pectin. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. 11-2

    Debbie, if it was me, I’d look at what juices I was putting in there and the recipes for each jelly then average them out on the sugar. That’s a great idea to put the juices together so as not to waste if you don’t have enough!

  2. 4-11

    Hi debbie, I’m at work right now (BOO) but when I get home, I’m sure I have a mixed fruit jelly recipe. I made a fruits of the forest one last year. It’s not a BWB one(not needed)but I guess you could BWB it if you use the right jars not the UK style jam jars. It gives the ratio of juice to sugar. I’ll post it up on the FBR

  3. 4-11

    I have probably really missed the boat here seeing the date of your post! Anyhow..for next year’s jam/jelly season! Marguerite Patten in her book Jams, Preserves and Chutneys suggests using 2 cups of sugar per 1 pint of juice. As you are using apple juice no pectin is needed, but if you want and your combined juice is sweet use 21/2 Tbsps of lemon juice, if medium add 11/4 Tbsp and if acidic don’t add any. This amount of sugar doesn’t need BWB just boil until setting point is reached, pour into hot jam jars and put the lids on straight away and the seal should pop as it cools. If you want to use less sugar use 1 cup per pint of juice, boil in the usual way and BWB for 15 mins. Its the sugar thats the preservative.

  4. 4-11

    Thanks for the information! I ended up making juice last year, but really look forward to jelly this season ūüôā

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