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National Cook a Sweet Potato Day


Post by community member:

Hallmark has declared today National Cook a Sweet Potato Day.

Sweet potatoes are good, not just on big holidays. Why does it seem we only bring out the fancy sweet potato dishes on those days?

What better way to celebrate this famous day with you than to help you find all the wonderful sweet potato recipes here on Farm Bell Recipes!

How many ways do you know how to cook sweet potatoes?

You can simply boil them (and add some maple syrup). {Maple-Glazed Sweet Potatoes}

Or simply bake them. {Baked Sweet Potatoes}

Put them in a pie.

Sweet Potato Pie

Or put them in a cake. {Sweet Potato Surprise Cake}

Bake them with marshmallows. {Sweet Potato Pie with Marshmallow Meringue} {Exie’s Sweet Potato Pudding} {Sweet Potatoes in Orange Cups}

Make them into cute balls.

Sweet Potato Balls

Turn them into fries or chips. {Baked Sweet Potato Chips}

Add some bourbon to them. {Bourbon Sweet Potatoes}

Add them to your biscuits.

Sweet Potato Biscuits

Put them in a casserole, pudding, or souffle. {Sweet Potato Casserole I} {Sweet Potato Casserole II} {Sweet Potato Souffle} {Holiday Sweet Potatoes}

Grate them. {Grated Sweet Potato Pudding} {Nadyne’s Grated Sweet Potatoes}

Double baked potatoes are great as well–simply bake the potato once, scoop out the flesh and mix it with cheese before stuffing it back into the skin and returning it all to the oven to finish cooking.

Find all of the Sweet Potato recipes {here}.

These are all great ways fill those hungry bellies tonight and celebrate National Cook a Sweet Potato Day!

Cindy blogs at Chippewa Creek ~ Our Life Simplified.

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  1. 2-22

    I love the sweet potato, especially the dark colored one. They are yummy in anything and everything. They are even good for our pets.

  2. 2-22

    Lucky for me, I have a fresh pile of sweet potatoes in the fridge! Bring on the holidays!

  3. 2-22

    Yum!! Sweet potatoes – baked, boiled, candied, in a pie – they are ALL good!

  4. 2-22

    I’d like to make a motion that the sweet potato be given national status as our national food. We have a national bird, why not a national potato? ūüėČ

  5. 2-22


    Yummy, what a good reminder of how wonderful sweet potatoes are. Don’t forget to add dehydrating them to your list. I love quickly making up mashed sweet potatoes from my dehydrated stash. Tastes every bit as good as fresh.

  6. 2-22

    In honor of this special day, I’m going to nuke a SP and have it with brown sugar & butter.

    Martha in KS

  7. 2-22

    A good reason to have my favorite, Sweet Potato Pie!!
    Thanks CindyP!

  8. 2-22

    I frequently hear holidays being referred to as Hallmark creations, so my curiosity got the better of me when I read this. Being from KC I’m protective of this hometown institution. Guess what? Hallmark has nothing to do with National Cook a Sweet Potato Day. Just setting the record straight.
    Martha in KS

  9. 2-22

    @Martha: Shucks, there goes my plan to send Sweet Potato Day cards out next year!

  10. 2-22

    If you bake a cleaned sweet potato on the rack of a slow oven (less than 200 degrees) for 6 to 8 hours, the natural sugars in the tater caramelize and you don’t need to add any sugar at all, and the low heat doesn’t kill the enzymes, making it extremely nutritious, too! You can start them in the morning to have ready by dinner, or bake them overnight to have for breakfast! They’re fabulous!

  11. 2-22

    Oh I have to do that, Sundownr! That does sound fabulous! Yum!

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