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National Punch Day


Post by community member:

Today is National Punch Day!

I have a punch recipe that I use almost always. The kids love it. The grownups love it.

It’s simple, too, as most punches are.

How to make Pineapple Sherbet Punch:

Pour 46 ounce can pineapple juice in punch bowl, then a 2-liter of Squirt. Give it a swirl together. Scoop sherbet (1 container total) on top with an ice-cream scoop.

You can use any flavor sherbet you want. I always change it up–raspberry and lime for Christmas, orange for Thanksgiving, and usually rainbow for the kids’ parties. I’m going to try making my own sherbet this year–Frozen, Fruity Fresh Sherbet–with raspberries!

For a grownup only party, add a bottle of Parrot Bay Pineapple Rum! Yum!

Get the handy print page and save this to your recipe box here:
Pineapple Sherbet Punch.

You have a favorite? You can submit it, too, it’s almost that time of year for special gatherings!

Cindy blogs at Chippewa Creek ~ Our Life Simplified.
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  1. 9-20


  2. 9-20

    We use the same recipe but exchange 7-Up for the Squirt!

  3. 9-20

    So “National Punch Day” doesn’t mean I get to hit somebody? Oh well, the drink looks yummy anyway.

    You know, for some reason I never think of making punch when we have a big gathering, but it would be an excellent alternative for some of my guests. Thanks for the idea!

  4. 9-20

    Not Punch like Punch Bug?

    Thanks for the reminder, Cindy…I forget about making punch, too.

  5. 9-20

    I just love sherbert punch..I mean love!!
    Granny Trace ūüôā

  6. 9-20

    We do not have squirt down here, or least I have not seen it, but will look again. This punch sounds absolutely devine!

  7. 9-21

    Wow. Time travel through memory. I now remember this punch from the 60’s save I’m sure it was made with ginger ale and orange sherbert. It was really good so thank you for the refresher! I’m going to have to revive this one again …

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