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Not a Fluffy Butt Chicken


Post by community member:

You’ve heard of “fluffy butt chickens”? Well, these are a little different!


These are Beer Butt Chickens!

This is actually my hubby’s post, who actually did the prep and cooking as he usually does. I do the baking…usually.

“I took my chickens for a walk today. I closed the lid so I guess they won’t go far. Those are 3/4 full cans of beer they’re sitting on, a place to rest if they get tired. I’ll come back in a couple of hours and see how they’re getting on. I hope they enjoy the exercise!”

How to make Beer Butt Chicken:

Whole chicken, rinsed and dried
3/4 (12 oz) can of beer, any kind

The sauce:
1/2 cup real butter
2 Tablespoons sweet Hungarian paprika
Salt and pepper to taste
Pinch of cayenne
4-6 cloves fresh garlic minced
1/4 cup parsley

Combine all sauce ingredients. Rub it onto the outside of the chicken.

Place the chicken on the beer can on the grill. The can should fit tight enough that the beer doesn’t leak out the bottom. If there is room for leakage, you can insert a potato or carrot with it.

Close the grill lid and let it grill/roast for a couple hours until done. The beer will boil and continually baste the inside of the chicken.

The chickens were delicious and so juicy and tender!

Get the handy print page and save this to your recipe box here:
Beer Butt Chicken.

Sheryl – Runningtrails blogs at Providence Acres Farm.

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  1. 7-21

    They look like they’re tap-dancing!

    I like beer-butt chicken, but I haven’t made it yet this summer. Thanks for the reminder. I got a holder for the beer can that gives it a bit more stability (like this, because I was afraid I’d manage to dump hot beer on myself when I picked it up.

  2. 7-21

    That’s a great tool! I never knew they made such a thing! Our’s have never tipped over, but still, it’s always a worry.

  3. 7-21

    Looks wonderful. Yummmo!
    Granny Trace

  4. 7-21

    That looks good. What a fun post! Jim has made these before, but it’s been awhile. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. 7-21

    Wow! That looks awesome, inside and out. Thanks for this post!

  6. 7-21

    Oh, I miss this chicken. . . . we haven’t made it in ages! Thanks for the reminder & I have to try your sauce.

  7. 7-21

    Sheryl, wish I had read this post before I roasted that chicken yesterday. It looks like you should have us over for dinner.
    Whaledancer I see I need another kitchen gadget.

  8. 7-21

    Sheryl, I have never roasted or eaten chicken, cooked this way though, I have heard and seen it in other media. Yours looks so good that I’ve decided to try it this weekend. ? How does Hubby set up his charcoal (direct/indirect)(high/med/low heat) or do you use a gas grill? I would like to come back and report that my chicks turned out as good as yours look.

  9. 7-21

    I LOVE beer-butt chicken & so does my daughter. I use this:

    I like that it gives a bit more stability than the beer can alonge. I fill the lower portion with beer, or apple juice, or anything else I want to infuse the bird with.

    Amazon has several other options too, and in fact, this version is the one America’s Test Kitchen (Cook’s Country, Cook’s Illustrated, etc) recommends:

    If you’ll scroll to the bottom and read the first 2 reviews they give alot of information on how to use this, and that it even holds up those huge homegrown birds! I put this one on my wishlist!

  10. 7-21

    We do Beer Butt Chicken a lot in the summer. But no with a sauce….I have to try your sauce! Sounds excellent!
    Hubby usually has to “test” a beer or two before the chicken goes on the grill…..does that ever happen at your house?

  11. 7-21

    Jan-n-tn, We use a gas grill. It needs to be on the very, very lowest possible setting. Is that Jan in Tennessee? I grew up in Memphis ūüôā

    Rileysmom, We use homemade beer. We had a few bottles that weren’t sealed as well as they could be and were flat, perfect for cooking!! It was my fault. I bought a new capper and didn’t know how to use it…

  12. 7-21

    That’s what Jan-n-tn means. Live 50 miles east of Memphis. I’m a transplant from,,,you name it I been there.

  13. 7-21

    Sheryl- meant to say thanks for the settings

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