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Ode to Tomatoes


Post by community member:

Twas the night before canning
and all through the house,
not a creature was stirring
not even my spouse.

The children were nestled
and snuggled all down.
Just the mention of tomatoes
and they’d sleep with a frown.

When down in the basement
arose such a clatter,
as I carried canning jars
and tried not to splatter.

The moon up above
the summer’s bad drought,
couldn’t keep me from sleeping.
I darn near passed out!

In morning I woke
and gathered some “brave”,
to face the mountain of tomatoes
who’d make me their slave.

I peeled and I cored.
I boiled and I canned,
with undone tomatoes
starting to demand.

After hours that were long
and a day that dragged by,
I finished two bushels
and never started to cry.

When my cute farmer came in,
I had little to say.
My hair, face, and make-up
looked like the roadkill of the day.

He kissed me and quickly sprang to his tractor,
plowing more land.
A hundred more bushels
he’d factor!

*My thanks to Clement Moore for the original poem ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’. It gave me great tempo and kept me on track. I do apologize that I have probably caused you to turn many times in your grave, dear sir.

You can also find Patrice at Everyday Ruralty.

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  1. 8-14

    I love it! Thanks! You summed it up very well. And wouldnt you know, when your doing tomatoes or looking your best, thats when everyone stops by! 😉

  2. 8-14

    This is great! I have canned two bushels in one day all by myself and your Ode really nails it! Oh, SO worth the work a few months later when we’ve forgotten LOL!

  3. 8-14

    I enjoyed your poem No longer do I can two bushel of tomatoes or anything a day Half a bushel per day is my limit.

  4. 8-14

    Love the poem and I know how that feels! LOL

    I added your blog button to the sidebar on my blog and started following along. Those sweet rolls looked delicious!!!

  5. 8-14

    Cute! Very cute! Can Dr Seuss be far behind? I am Jam! Jam I am! … well, maybe not.

  6. 8-15

    Very cute, Patrice 🙂 You’ve nailed it quite well!

  7. 8-15

    Dr. Seuss? What a good idea, BuckeyeGirl!
    Everyone-Thanks for all the comments.

  8. 8-15

    May never look at a tomato quite the same! 😉

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