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Olive Loaf or Bologna


I would like to try making homemade olive loaf luncheon meat or bologna. If any one has ever done this, I would love to have a recipe. I know it is baked and not smoked, so it can’t be too hard to make.

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  1. 12-9

    Your request got me going and I started looking around. I love olive loaf! I found this recipe and it looks pretty good. I will try to make it eventually and post results, but thought I’d share:

    I found another recipe for the smoking method, but it calls for 10 lbs of beef and 6 lbs. of pork butt. I don’t think anyone needs that much olive loaf!

  2. 12-9

    Yes please let me know how it turns out. Do you have a place to buy the sodium Phosphate? Most of the stuff I can get locally.

  3. 12-9

    You know, I was going to leave that out, along with the ‘cure’, and see what happened… I know SP is an emulsifying/texturizing agent, but maybe something else could work as well, if it’s necessary at all! I also have a gyros meat recipe that doesn’t require an emulsifier and made of lamb and beef and it doesn’t require more than making a smooth tacky paste of the meat and spices and then pressing it into a loaf pan and baking.
    Luncheon meat has that particular texture, though, so I guess we’ll see! ūüôā If it’s totally horrible, I’ll pick out the olives and feed my dogs a nice treat!

  4. 12-9

    I think the cure is what gives it the pinkish color and helps preserve it too, so too the sodium phosphate, but I really don’t think it would taste bad. I have even put pimento stuffed olives on my bologna sandwich with mayonnaise on my bread trying to get that olive loaf taste, lol. I works in a pinch. I just hate, hate, hate to pay the price. lunch meats have skyrocketed in price and all it really is is scraps of meat . Surely we can do better!

  5. 12-9

    Sodium phosphate is commonly added as an emulsifying agent to processed cheeses, processed meats and canned soups.

    I wonder if you were to use a stick blender (aka emulsifying blender) in step 5 if that would work better than just a food processor or blender? It would also make a more “lunch meat” type of texture.

    Something else I read on sodium phosphate. That’s what you take before a colonoscopy. ::bug eyes::

  6. 12-10

    *I know!* (re: the colonoscopy!!!) reading that made me think “maybe I’ll just leave that out”…:). The “procedure” memories are still too vivid. But the emulsifying blender might work and be easier than the processor. I think I’ll have to forego a baking day and have an unrecognizable meat products day and try this along with that gyros recipe. ūüôā

  7. 12-10

    Take pictures!! And make a blog post!!! Others will be interested in this I’m sure!

  8. 12-11

    On it! It’s my winter break goal to go on this adventure ;-). Just found a place that sells the cure online, but possibly locally too, so we’ll see!

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