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Pickled Corn


My second husband’s grandmother made pickled corn in big crocks. They sat in the kitchen with the cut up corn cobs (just cut in half length size)down in a vinegary, sour brine. She covered with a plate, brick and and tea towel to keep them submerged. My son loved these as a child. I couldn’t keep him out of there! Grandma loved to see him get in there though! Her name was Delsie and was really old time country – I loved her!

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  1. 9-5

    Are you looking for a recipe? It’s lacto fermented in a salt brine, basically the same process as making sauerkraut or fermented pickles.

    It’s on my list to try someday.

    Here’s a recipe that uses jars instead of a crock. I’ve made kraut that way and it works well.

  2. 9-7

    So she never really actually canned this? That is what I am assuming. I am thinking either my kid ate it all before she had a chance to remove it from the brine solution to can it or (from the link) you could just put in containers and refrigerate? I would like to do this as a surprise for my son (who is now 40 years old)but I don’t want to poison him! I bet if I did a small batch, he would probably eat it all before the brining days were up! Thanks for your interest in this and leading me in the right direction. I will let you know how this comes out…
    Those stoneware crocks sure would be nice to have again!

  3. 9-7

    There’s are still some caompanies that make the crocks.

    My guess is that she probably didn’t can it just kept it in the crock using the fermenting/pickling as the preservation technique. Although you can can kraut and fermented pickles…so, I dunno, lol

    I’d definitely keep it in the fridge. Pickled stuff lasts a long time kept in the brine and refrigerated. Plus the lactobacillus that causes the fermentation is good for you! It’s the same stuff that makes yogurt. If you canned it you would have to boil the brine which would kill off all the good stuff.

    Yes, please do keep me posted. I hope your son likes it, have fun!

    • 9-7

      Thank you, Woodwife! The links really straightened my thinking out about this. I guess I was stuck in the canning mode. I will brine some in my crock pot cooker insert (since I don’t have my old crocks any longer)and grab a restaurant size glass pickle jar to refrigerate after the required brining days. He is going to freak! Thanks again for getting me on thr right track. The pics of the crocks in the first link are exactly what I used to use for pickles to can, home brew and winemaking. I will post my salt,vinegar and water amounts when I do this.

  4. 6-17

    My Aunt (who lived in Roane Co.) kept a large crock of pickled corn on the cob in her root celler all winter. My kids loved it also.
    If there was any left in the spring, she would cut it off the cob and can it.
    She also pickled green beans,which I love, but pickled and canned them in regular canning jars.

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