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Quick Christmas Treats


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Growing up, one of my favorite treats mom would make around the holidays were her Chocolate Pretzel Snaps. I would always look forward to her making them. Not only could we spend some quality time together in the kitchen, but I could snack as I made them, as there were only three ingredients.

These pretzels are super easy to make, and a great as gifts. I made them every year in college for my friends, and they’d eat them up within a day.


How to make Chocolate Pretzel Snaps: Printable

  • Square Pretzels–the shape I buy are called “snaps”
  • Melting Chocolate–I buy mine from a cake/hobby shop. They are the little chocolate wafers about the size of a penny. I prefer to use dark chocolate or semi-sweet, and use a one pound bag
  • Candy covered chocolates–I try to buy the holiday bags of these for the festive colors, plus then I know they’re more fresh than the regular bags

To make these, I start by turning my oven on to 200 degrees. Then I take my baking sheets and put a single layer of the pretzels down. On each pretzel, you then place a single chocolate wafer. Pop these in the oven for about three minutes. The goal is to warm the chocolate enough, but not so much to melt it through the holes in the pretzel. A good judge of when these are ready is when the chocolate is shiny and is just barely starting to change shape. Take this out of the oven, and put a chocolate candy on each pretzel. Let cool until the chocolate is hardened, and that’s it!

I usually make up all my pans of pretzels with the chocolates on them before putting any the oven. Since it takes so little time to melt the chocolate, I can never get a new pan made up before it is ready to take it out.


Now I mush warn you, these are one of the most addictive things I have ever eaten. When I make them, my husband can go through the entire batch by himself within two or three days, so be prepared to make quite a few batches!

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  1. 12-12

    I make these with round pretzels, kisses or rolos, and m&m’s. So easy and so yummy!

  2. 12-12

    We make these with miniature pretzels and my kids call them bellybuttons! They’re so good. A little bite of sweet and little bite of salty. YUM!

  3. 12-12

    Rollos with a pecan on top is nice, too.

  4. 12-12

    Oh man, I might need to try using Rolo’s and making like a pretzel sandwich with those! Thanks for all the great suggestions y’all!

  5. 12-12

    My son makes them like Anita does….So good!

  6. 12-12

    I make these with caramel kisses and a cashew on top, yum!

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