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Quick, Easy Lunch for Company


Post by community member:

Georgia serves meals to company in the sun room off the back of her little house, with the big views out onto her flower and bird garden and pond beyond providing a lovely ambience. She keeps the table there set all the time.

All the time.

She’s always ready for company!

Her go-to quick and easy company lunch is a one-serving cheese puffs recipe. It can be made in a snap and multiplied as many times as needed. Add a salad and a side of fresh fruit, and you’ve got the perfect light and delicious lunch whether your company is unexpected or you’re just too busy to cook.

How to make One-Serving Cheese Puffs:

1 1/2 slices bread, buttered*
1 egg
1/4 cup milk
1/4 cup shredded cheese
1/8 teaspoon onion salt
1/8 teaspoon salt
6 to 8 drops hot pepper sauce

*If you’re using large, thick slices of homemade bread, you will probably just need one slice.

Cut buttered bread into narrow strips.

Push strips down into a greased ramekin that holds at least 10 ounces.

Combine egg, milk, cheese, salts, and hot sauce.

Pour over bread in ramekin.

Place ramekin on a baking sheet and bake at 350-degrees for 35-40 minutes.

Note: You can use any kind of cheese you like in this dish, and you can also add some diced vegetables in with the egg/milk mixture (such as onions, peppers, etc.). It’s all good!

Go ahead and set your table. With this recipe, you’re ready for company!

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One-Serving Cheese Puffs

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  1. 8-24

    Yummy! Georgia knows how to please lunch guests!!:)

  2. 8-24

    I love that custom of keeping the table set for company. I once had an apartment next door to a southern lady. I loved visiting her as her table was always set with the most beautiful dishes and she was so gracious. Of course she didn’t have 3 teenagers and only 1 table like I do………

  3. 8-24

    What a great recipe, and great entertaining ideas as well. The toast is sort of the best properties of a rarebit, grautin, and all that sort of thing. Yummy!

  4. 8-24

    That is pure genius!!

  5. 8-24

    Oh my gosh, that sounds wonderful! I would love to have lunch on Georgia’s porch!

    I used to keep my table set ALL THE TIME…that was before I had more things to do than keeping my table looking beautiful! LOL! Now we eat at the bar, there’s more room there!

  6. 8-25

    What a lovely spot for lunch or just a place to sit and visit! Of course, it would be rude not to eat that delicious looking cheese puff!

  7. 2-6

    On so many levels, I consider this to be an absolutely wonderful post, and one that is so certain to influence my own Work, I know I will be mentioning it, with a reference to CITR. Thank you!

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