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Reynolds Stuffing Sack?


Has anyone ever used a cotton or cloth stuffing sack inside of your turkey or chicken before roasting?

My mom gave me some stuffing sacks and I would like to try one for my turkey on Thanksgiving Day, but I would like to get some input on if you have used one and if you would use one again?!

Here is a link so you can see what they look like:

Thank you ūüôā

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  1. 11-19

    Alton Brown, Food Network Chef, just did a show using a stuffing bag. His show is “Good Eats” and you might find his program again if you do a search in your t.v.programming, or go to to look for some info on his show.

    Hope this helps.

  2. 11-21

    Natalie….I did not know such a thing existed till I read this post from you. I looked them up on line….very interesting. Seems like a good idea, save on a lot of mess, wouldn’t it?
    You’ll have to let us all know after Turkey day how it worked out.

    Mrs. Turkey

  3. 11-22

    Thank you Bonny ūüôā I think I am just going to give the sack a try and see what happens ūüôā I will let you both know how it goes ūüôā Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. 11-22

    I used one for the first time last year & it was excellent! So easy…just fill the bag with the stuffing, tie it loosely, place it in the bird & when the turkey is done you take the bag out with the most amazing stuffing all bundled up in a tidy package to put in your serving dish…so cool. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. 11-27

    I have a stuffing cage for my turkey. It’s a metal egg-shaped cage that you put your stuffing in and then insert it into the bird. It has a handle that sticks out so you can remove it from the bird when you are ready. I purchased it (brand new…in box…never used) at a a yard sale. They probably didn’t know how to use it. I love it.


  6. 11-27

    So, I used the stuffing bag and it worked great! It was so much better than cleaning the stuffing out of the turkey!

    Lynn…your stuffing cage sounds perfect and what a treasure when you can find it at a yard sale! ūüôā

  7. 11-25

    I have used them for years and love them. So much easier than trying to spoon the stuffing out of the bird.

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