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Scalloped Potatoes


I am planning on having pork chops and scalloped potatoes for supper ……and I hate to type this…(packaged scalloped potatoes) because for years, no matter the recipe or how I did it…the potato milk always curdled even at low temp when making scalloped potatoes from scratch! Does anyone have a TNT recipe ???

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  1. 6-14

    Mine is not so much a recipe as as it is just general directions on how I do it.
    I peel and slice fairly thin however many potatoes I need. I boil these for about five minutes and drain. Then I layer in a casserole with a white sauce. Then oven for about thirty minutes at 350. I make my white sauce by mixing 2 TBSP butter melted with 2 TBSP flour over medium heat and add 1 cup milk stirring constantly until the thickness I like. Sometimes I throw in some cheese for potatoes au graten or just layer potatoes/cheese/white sauce/etc . Sometimes I saute onion and garlic and add to the white sauce. Sometimes I just throw caution to the wind and add everything!

  2. 6-14

    oh……if you have trouble with it scorching before it thickens…..use a double boiler… double boiler, just put water in a larger boiler and your milk, etc in a smaller one on top!

  3. 6-15

    I don’t really have a recommendation on how to get the sauce to not curdle, it just seems to do it. I think it has to do with the water in the potatoes and it’s not so much curdled as separated, it glues back together while cooling and tastes good anyway. I made my brother in law some two weeks ago and he loved them. It was mostly like Melinda’s recipe though I don’t cook the white sauce or potatoes separately. Try cream or half and half instead of milk. My sister uses cornstarch instead of flour. Homemade beats the box any day too. My great aunt always brought her version to every get together and I don’t remember them being pretty, just gone.

  4. 6-18

    I make mine like I would my fav mac and cheese recipe. I melt the better and take it off the heat and add the flour. After all of the flour is mixed in, I very slowly add the milk, whisking to keep the mixture liquidy. After about 1/4 cup of milk is added, I then can pour it in a bit faster. I add all of the milk and bring it to a boil for about a minute. Then I add the cheese and continue heating until the cheese is melted. Hope your arm is ready to stir, because it will make a mess of your pan if it sticks (or gasp: burns to the bottom!)

    **I think the key to keeping it smooth is getting the butter to remain satin smooth when the milk is added.

    • 6-18

      I want to thank you all for your suggestions and the way you all make your scalloped potatoes. Now why I didn’t think of doing it that same way is beyond me as that is also how I make my macaroni and cheese….by making a roux and going from there….should work for scalloped potato recipe also I would think.
      Thanks again!

      Mrs. Turkey

  5. 6-20

    I always make a large amount of the sauce as compared to potatoes — my family enjoys a very saucy potato dish. Instead of cheddar, you can always add Parmesan and go for a Alfredo style. You can get extremely creative with the white sauce (salsa, dill, ranch dressing,…). Parboiling the potatoes before putting in the oven will definitely help keep the potatoes from burning from the bottom and waiting all day.

  6. 6-22

    Melinda’s recipe is the one I use as well (with sauted onion always for me)! The parboiling is the secret, I think. Good luck!

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