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Side Dishes for Thanksgiving


Post by community member:

While turkey usually holds the main attraction at our Thanksgiving dinners, the side dishes deserve just as much glory–the many ways to fix sweet potatoes, the different types of dressings and stuffings, old-fashioned or flavored rolls, special ways to fix mashed potatoes, make the vegetables interesting. Yes, they all deserve some special attention and recognition.

Enjoy the Side Dishes that have been pulled together from Farm Bell. Or see all of the Thanksgiving recipes that have been shared.

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  1. 11-16

    I have to have a side dish for tonight, so maybe I’ll make one of these.
    Thank you Cindy P for this post and all your hard work.

  2. 11-16

    yummmmmmm…..they all look so good! It’ll be hard to pick just a few!

  3. 11-17

    I made 2 dishes of this with banana squash today. I didn’t get photos however, they didn’t last long enough. Yummy!

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