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A Well-Loved Kitchen


Post by community member:

In my house, the kitchen is the most used room. At any given time there is something going on in there. The only time the kitchen is quiet is when everyone is asleep.

My kitchen is the hub of the household. Everything comes through the kitchen at some point in time. It is where pockets are emptied, homework is done, mail is sorted, packages opened…. It is very exhausting keeping up with all of the chaos and clutter that comes into my kitchen.

There are pictures all over of pristine kitchens. They are beautiful kitchens. I love to look at those kitchens, close my eyes and see my kitchen looking picture perfect. My opinion of those kitchens are that they are not used. They are not real. Those kitchens are not ‘loved’.

I am going to take you on a little tour of my kitchen. My very real, very ‘loved’ kitchen.


There are always some dishes drying in the sink. Dinner is thawing on the counter. A re-purposed jug is drying out on the window ledge.


On my kitchen table there is a half finished glass of apple juice and some crumbs. There are always crumbs on some surface at any given time in my kitchen.


The stove has a pot cooling.


The island has my recipe cards for the cupcakes and frosting. Along with some mail, half a roll of paper towels and a bag of sandwich rolls.


There is the step stool left over from my little helper and a Nerf gun. Because you never know when you need to defend yourself with foam bullets!

This is the reality of my kitchen. It is a place where everyone gathers. Where conversations are had. Where memories are made. Would I love to have one of those picture perfect kitchens?


Nope! It is enough for me to close my eyes and see my perfect kitchen. Then I open them and see the reality of everything I have and I wouldn’t change it. My kitchen is real. My kitchen is loved.

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  1. 3-3

    I totally get this! We have a little bitty house that is bursting at the seams. We run two businesses and homeschool out of it. Friday is our ‘clean the house’ day, so it’s only clean for about 5 minutes after we’re done cleaning on Friday morning. The rest of the time it looks like four people live in it, homeschool in it and run two businesses out of it. It’s not a showplace; it’s a home.

  2. 3-3


    This is just perfect. I laughed out loud because there are two recipe cards on my island, along with curmbs and a sticky spot I missed while cleaning yesterday. This is real, warm and inviting. I’m sure everyone feels welcomed in your kitchen; not so with perfect kitchens. Perfect kitchens would scare me because I’d probably be the one to mess it up.

    My milk jugs are drying in the sink right now!

    Great post, I look forward to more.

  3. 3-3


  4. 3-3

    Thanks for sharing the warm heart of your home!

    We should start a photo sharing thread on the forum. Take a picture of your kitchen RIGHT NOW and post it! I’d love to see what other people’s kitchens look like. And no, you can’t clean it first! b 🙂

  5. 3-3


  6. 3-3

    The photo of your helper is adorable.

  7. 4-6

    Haha, this is just what i needed to hear; an alternate perspective on the perpetual state of chaos that my kitchen seems to always be in!! Thank you SO much for this post.
    And to murphala…i think that would be a good idea – funny – and likely embarassing! I couldn’t do it tho! I’d be deleted from this site -and I just got here!! Lol Lots of exploring to do yet! ;))))))))

  8. 4-6

    Ps…I wish there was a Facebook ‘share’ button!! 😀

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