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Soft Flour-Corn Tortillas

Submitted by: suzanne-mcminn on June 27, 2010
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Soft Flour-Corn Tortillas

This recipe is a combination of all-purpose flour and masa harina (corn flour) instead of straight masa harina. I love this cross between the two which results in a tortilla that tastes like a corn tortilla but acts like a flour tortilla (meaning it’s softer, easier to roll without breaking, less dry).

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Difficulty: Intermediate

Servings: 16 tortillas

Prep Time: 30 minutes   Cook Time: 30 minutes  


1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1 1/2 cups masa harina
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup shortening or lard
1 1/2 cups lukewarm water*


*The amount of water is approximate–judge by the feel of your dough.

Mix the flours and salt in a medium-size bowl. Cut in shortening with a pastry cutter. Stir water in (add a little at a time after the first cup) and mix the dough as much as possible with a spoon. Knead, adding water, until you have a pliable dough. (Not too wet! Be careful adding the water after the first cup.) Cover bowl and let rest for about 20 minutes. Sprinkle a bit of flour in the bowl and knead again briefly. Divide dough into 16 balls.

Place a cast iron skillet on high heat. (Cast iron works best–you need something that can take high heat with no oil.) Open the tortilla press and lay a piece of plastic wrap across the bottom of it. Sprinkle with a little bit of flour. Place a ball of dough toward the hinged end. (Not in the middle! I found that placing it toward the hinge created much nicer, rounder tortillas.) Sprinkle a little flour on top of the ball. Place another piece of plastic on top and close the press, pushing down on it to flatten the ball. Peel off the plastic carefully. Fry each side about one minute on high heat. I do the first side another 20-30 seconds after the second side. Keep the operation moving–as you’re frying one tortilla, press another. Move each tortilla as it’s finished onto a plate or into a tortilla keeper and cover to keep warm.

Note: An alternative method I’ve used in the press is to cut apart a plastic storage baggie and use that for the two pieces of plastic rather than the flimsier plastic wrap when pressing the tortillas. I find this much easier to work with for regular corn tortillas, though I have no trouble with plain plastic wrap with these soft flour-corn tortillas. It’s just an easier dough to work with.

Categories: Breads, Tortillas & Pitas

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  1. 7-11

    My husband made these a couple of days ago — they came out wonderfully! (Even if he did forget the lard, oops!) So much easier than regular corn tortillas too. These really are the best of both flour and corn.

  2. 1-23

    Oh these seem made to order. I’ve been making the flour tortillas and wondered how to make the corn, this way it is the best of both worlds. Tell me, though, can you use oil instead of the lard? I use the oil in my flour and they come out great.

    • 1-23

      MaryB, I’ve never tried that so I don’t know, but if it’s worked for you in the flour tortilla recipe, then it’s worth a try.

      • 1-23

        I wonder what the exchange would be though. Probably worth getting the lard just for these…they have to be great!
        The lard probably keeps them so soft too.
        Thank you! 🙂

  3. 2-8

    Finally got around to making these today. They are great!

    I was hungry for some enchiladas, so made them for that purpose. But, they were a bit thicker than seemed right for rolled enchiladas, so made them stacked instead. Wonderful!

    Oh, and having no large, I used softened butter instead. Figured if the regular tortillas are made without lard, and these worked without it for Cori, how bad could they be made with butter? The only thing seemed to be that they wanted to burn a bit sooner than they probably should, but the taste was dandy.

  4. 2-10

    Great idea to combine the flours, loved them, may never buy a tortilla again.

    Wanted to let others know that my cast iiron on high was too hot, burned before they cooked. Had to put it on almost medium heat.

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