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Sugah Pie


Post by community member:

My dad died exactly two months, one week, and four days ago. He was the greatest dad ever! One of the most memorable food-related things I recall when I think of him is the great sugah pie quest.

According to my dad, my grandma made the most wonderful sugah pie in Crawford County. My dad was convinced that the only ingredient – aside from Grandma’s pie crust – was white sugar. And maybe a bit of milk.

Now just keep in mind that this was from a guy who (I don’t think) ever cooked anything. EVER!!! He made this proclamation about 20 years ago during the annual Old Home Days in Townville, PA. And in Townville……..there were cooks! I think of myself as somewhat of a country cooking connoisseur. And honestly, you could get THE BEST ox roast sandwich and cherry pie at the Townville Old Folk’s Day celebration!

I digress. I would bake anything for my dad. I love to bake, but my dad was the only person in the family who would eat any of my baking experiments without question. He trusted me to make him a sugah pie just like his mom’s.

Oh my. So I wrote to some of his former neighbors seeing if anyone had a recipe (or knew what the heck he was talking about). And I received a reply for a milk pie. Not it. I found recipes for brown sugar pie. Not it. But nothing for my dad’s sugah pie.

I’ve tried searching the internet, looking through all cookbooks….. Nothing. I’m wondering if my dad’s memory of his mom’s sugah pie fits into the same category as my own mom’s Red Roni someday will.

I hope that my dad has reunited with my grandma and is enjoying a huge piece of sugah pie.

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  1. 9-9

    To oneoldgoat from an oldWVbroad,
    Sorry to hear about your dad. What a nice way to remember him, and keep up the quest for his and your grandmother’s sugah pie.

    Today is the birthday of my mom, gone in 1986, and my late husband, gone in 1995. It is still a throat-thickening day, but like you, I imagine them reunited and playing a game of canasta and laughing and telling stories with all the other dear family members who have gone.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. 9-9

    Dear Goat, I send my sympathy on the passing of your father. Praise the Lord you had such a great dad!

    Our town of Liberty Indiana was once known far and wide for a place that served Sugar Cream Pie. I have had it from Mrs. Wick’s Pies at Winchester Indiana. You can order online:

    Here are just a few of the recipes for Sugar Cream Pie I found online which are pretty much just what your dad said-sugar and some milk.,1-00,sugar_cream_pie,FF.html

    Hope this helps you keep the memory of your family’s Sugar Pie alive.

  3. 9-9

    I, too, am sorry for your loss. It sounds like you have some really good memories with him. I searched for years to find my grandma’s baked bean recipe. She had nothing written down and used vague measurements
    , lol. Could this possibly be your father’s recipe?

  4. 9-9

    Did you try a pecan pie without pecans?

  5. 9-9

    I am sorry for your loss – my Dad died in 2000, but it will be the 1 year anniversary for my Mother who died Oct 2nd 2011. Although I know they are still with me in spirit, I feel their loss every day.

    I have been on a quest to find my Mom’s Chiffon Pie recipe – it’s aggravating when you know some of the ingredients, but not all!!

    I think what you may be looking for is a Sugar Cream Pie – they are big in the Midwest and kind of like a Chess or custard pie. I have tasted them before, and I know they are made from white sugar.

  6. 9-9

    I’m so sorry about your father’s passing. My Dad passed away June of 2011 and I miss him so much! He had things his grandmother made that he liked for me to try to duplicate too. I never hit the exact mark but I came close a few times. He was 93 when he passed away so most of his familiar longings were for recipes that no one living even remembered.
    I hope you find your sugar pie recipe. Somehow it just makes us feel closer to them when we make things we know they loved. For my Dad it was teacakes ūüôā

  7. 9-9

    I’m betting sugar cream pie is it, too. You all have heard of State flowers, State birds, etc.? Believe it or not, the sugar cream pie was recently voted in as Indiana’s State Pie. I have a recipe from my cousin…. super easy. And, was my dad’s favorite too.

    Sorry for the loss of your dad. Mine’s been gone 25 years…. and know your pain.

  8. 9-10

    Thank you for the thoughts and for the recipes! I have my mom’s mom’s recipe box – I’ll check for a Chiffon Pie recipe – that sounds good! Oh and Melinda, I love teacakes. I’d love to have that recipe for the Indiana sugar cream pie – that would be good to have for Thanksgiving in memory of my dad. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts – so appreciated!

  9. 9-10

    Here’s a link to the History of Sugar Cream Pie aka “Hoosier Sugar Cream Pie, Indiana Cream Pie, Sugar Pie, Finger Pie” and a bunch of recipes. I hope one of them is what you are looking for. I miss my daddy and my mom every day…..

  10. 9-10

    I grew up with sugar pie and now make it as a special and rare treat for Hubby and the kids.
    1 cup white sugar
    1 cup heavy cream with 1 tbsp vanilla
    2tbsp flour
    Mix flour and sugar. Pour into pie crust. pour craem over sugar pop into oven and bake 40-50mins @ 350 cool on rack completely and enjoy

  11. 9-10

    I just found your website, and I guess everyone has a hard time when their parents die, I’m sorry you had to go thru that loss. I don’t know if this is what you were looking for for your dad but I found and old recipe you might like to try.
    This is a very old but easy recipe dating back to early settlers in the mid-west. People made it when there was no fruit, it’s very good.
    Sugar Pie
    1 c sugar
    2 T butter
    1/2 c flour
    1/8 t nutmeg
    1/4 to 1/2t salt
    1 c cream
    1 1/2 c milk
    1/8 t nutmeg
    1 t vanilla

    Combine sugar, flour, nutmeg, salt. Add milk/cream and vanilla. Mixture will be
    thin. Pour into unbaked pie shell. Dot with small pieces of butter. Bake 375
    degrees for 45-50 minutes on middle shelf. Cool completely. The filling will
    thicken as the pie cools.

  12. 9-10

    My grandma made sugar pie for us when we were little. It was simply pie crust brushed with milk and heavily sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. I made it for my kids with left over pie crust dough. I still make it every now and then.

  13. 9-11

    Thank you all so much for your thoughts and recipes! I’m thinking that I’ll make one for our next church meal – that way I don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving ūüôā

  14. 9-11

    I am very sorry for your loss. I wonder if the sugah pie he talked about was burnt sugar pie. I have heard people call it both and if you look up burnt sugar pie on the internet, there are a few recipes. I have had that as well as burnt sugar cake. They are both favorites at Family Reunions.

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