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Tea Isn’t Just For Sipping


Post by community member:

Almost two years ago, RoseH posted her mother-in-law’s recipe for Tea Bread to the old Community Cookbook on the forum. Her mother-in-law used to make this bread as part of the Cricketers Tea, which is taken by the cricket teams half-way through the match on a (hopefully) sunny Sunday summer afternoon.

I made the bread way back then. It was delicious, easy, and flavorful. Mango Peachy Strawberry Tea Bread. I want it again.

The concept of that recipe is to use tea as the liquid–imagine the possibilities!! Whatever flavor bread you‚Äôd like, use that flavor of tea in place of water.

I used Suzanne’s Whole Grain Bagel recipe and process, substituted Mango tea for the plain ol’ water, and created an all-new recipe–Mango Bagels!

I also threw in a handful of dried apples and a teaspoon of cinnamon, just ’cause I could. So I guess, it was Mango Apple Cinnamon Bagels.

With a little cream cheese

With a little cream cheese and peach honey

Thank you, Rose, for the recipe…the concept of “tea” bread has changed quite a few recipes here as the mood strikes ūüôā

Get creative! Where can you exchange some flavored tea for water and have an exciting, new, wonderful recipe??

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  1. 9-16

    Oh, CindyP, I love all those flavors! I think I’m having a virtual savoring moment!

  2. 9-16

    Looks wonderful. Bagel tea bread. Will definitly try this one this weekend. Yum honey and cream cheese.
    Thanks for sharing
    Granny Trace

  3. 9-16

    Ah, yes, that tea bread recipe was really great. Seems like my favorite was Earl Grey and cranberry. Time to try it again, just to make sure that really was the best one!

  4. 9-16

    What a great idea, CindyP…..I’m thinking that I should get making some bagels….

  5. 9-17

    I have a question! I found a potato bread recipe somewhere else on this wonderful site, and I was thinking about making that but substituting pumpkin for the potatoes, to make pumpkin bread. Then I read this post and thought – “Yum! I could use a spice or chai tea to flavor the pumpkin bread and ta da – pumpkin pie bread!” BUT, I want to know if the tea flavor will be strong enough. What do you think?

    • 9-17

      I would think it would be, E! The mango flavor really came through in the bagels. And there’s only 1 way to see….try it ūüôā Would love to hear how it comes out, your all-new pumpkin pie bread!

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