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Thanksgiving Appetizers


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Appetizers explain themselves–they tantalize the appetite for the main course. Everyone knows when the appetizer table is mouthwatering, the main course is to die for. Start your family’s taste buds warming up early.

With the turkey, dressing, and rolls (everything else is done and sitting in the holding pattern the day before) being taken care of on Thanksgiving morning, we skip breakfast. I know it’s the most important meal of the day, but not on Thanksgiving. Appetizers come out during the “brunch” time of day, are displayed on their own table and are a little meal in themselves. When new people come for dinner, they are a little taken aback with the amount of food that’s available. But we love leftovers and I really don’t cook for the rest of the weekend.

Whether you’re eating at home or need to take a dish to pass, there are new, different, and very appetizing sounding recipe in Appetizers & Snacks to choose from. That category is very popular! After previewing these mouthwatering features, go ahead and browse Appetizers & Snacks. Or submit your own recipe if you’ve forgotten!

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