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The Steam Juicer and Meat


Post by community member:

I absolutely LOVE my steam juicer!

It’s not just for fruits and vegetables–you can make stock with it, too.

AND some beautifully shredded meat!

This is a much easier way of getting the meat from the fat and bones of those pesky beef ribs that are always the last of meat to be used!

I started with a pan full of beef ribs we got from our beef last year, seasoned with some garlic and onion powder,

set my container on my stool to collect the “juices”,

and turned this shiny piece of machinery to medium on the stove.

4 hours later, I had beautiful, tender, fall off the bone meat.

And I do mean fall off the bone–these are the bones I was able to pick out of the pan before getting the meat out.

From that one pan of ribs, I ended up with an 8 quart bowl full of shredded meat and a little bit larger bowl of fat and bones. AND a half gallon of beef stock!

Embrace the steam juicer!

P.S. If you’re coming to the Retreat, there will be a steam juicer powered up in the Canning Classes!

P.P.S. More Steam Juicer chat on the forum

Cindy blogs at Chippewa Creek ~ Our Life Simplified.

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Posted by on August 20, 2011 | Permalink  

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  1. 8-20

    I LOVE my steam juicer! one of the best investments we have made. I just used to to make about a gallon of blackberry juice (used to make the Blackberry Barbecue Sauce posted a little while ago) and then loaned it to a friend who will use it to make Beach Plum juice. Then back to us to juice apples with spices and then raspberries. I must give meat a try, have been thinking of it but haven’t tried it yet. Thanks for the post!

  2. 8-20

    Great post Cindy! The steam juicer is such a wonderful tool! LOVE mine too!


  3. 8-20

    I’ve got two steam juicers going right now. They’re filled with tomatoes. Looks like we have the same one CindyP! Love my steam juicer. It’s one of the best pieces of kitchen equipment I own. Are you going to use all that wonderful beef fat to make soap?

  4. 8-20

    I just got my steamer juicer yesterday…Ohh happy day!!!! I cant wait to try this and sooo many other wonderful recipes featured here on CITR..Thanks for the awesome post!!!!
    Ditto Kellyb…we have the same/same ūüėČ

  5. 8-20

    I LOVE my steam using it today for tomato sauce. But I never thought about stock/meat. If I see a good sale on chicken, I’m going to try it out!! Thanks ūüôā

  6. 8-20

    I have the same juicer and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE mine. I use it all the time. THis morning I am juicing fall apples and get the clearest juice ever. It will be used to make apple jelly for hubs and son, who devour it daily!! A steam juicer is well worth the initial investment to buy.

  7. 8-20

    What a great idea. This steam juicer is new to me, but it looks like a very versatile thing to have. What is the brand name of the one in the picture??

  8. 8-20

    Carrier J-WA,

    Steam juicing a chicken is incredible. The meat is so amazingly tender and still juicy. The broth is delightful.

  9. 8-20

    This sounds like a great way to maybe render fat also? Do you think it will work Cindy? I suppose I should have one also since I need juices for the croud.
    Would be so nice to have one for a reward gift to for those who post to CITR

    • 8-20

      I don’t think you’d really want to render fat with the steam juicer. You’re actually trying to get water OUT of the fat (the long, slow cook), steaming it will keep the water in.

      There are just so many uses with this steam juicer! Even using it as a large steamer itself….I used it to steam a whole bunch of asparagus this past spring. 1 batch and it was done for the large family gathering we had. You can use the bottom part as a roaster, too.

  10. 8-20

    CindyP, yep, that’s the one I have. It’s fired up right now.

  11. 8-20


    Don’t forget using the bottom section as a large stock pot. I ran out of pots during my marathon canning session yesterday and ended up using the bottom of my steam juicer. I can’t say enough wonderful things about them. A must have in any canning kitchen.

  12. 8-22

    Would you happen to know where your steamer juicer is manufactured? I looked at the manufacturer’s website, and all it says is they are based in California.

    • 8-22

      I finally found my booklet… Made in China. Design and Produced by Neway International Inc. CA 91746

  13. 10-20

    I can second the recommendation to get a steam juicer. I’m doing split chicken breasts now. Having to hold myself back from drinking a mug full ;). It smells delicious and I’ll have some wonderfully seasoned chicken to shred for sandwiches later!

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