The Coming of the Green


I hate this goose.
See how he comes after me? This time, I had a fence between us. When there’s not a fence between us, he follows after me, nipping at the backs of my legs.
Then he gets angry and takes it out on the other animals, making them all run away when he starts honking and flapping his wings madly.
Goat Burger: “I don’t get it, man.”
Maia: “Can’t we just all get along?”
She’s my sweetheart. Though she’s been a little upset since I turned on the electric fence in the barnyard, preventing her from pushing out under the fence. The green, it is here! And if I let her out every day, she’s going to eat all of it.
It is, apparently, finally SPRING. I present the evidence:
I’m still so used to looking out onto a white world that I find myself slightly shocked every morning at my view.
And tonight, we’re supposed to have a frost. But that’s just winter throwing a fit, like a goose nipping at the back of my leg. All I have to do is turn and say BOO and it runs away. It’ll be back to the 70s in no time.

Winter’s just full of air (albeit cold not hot) at this point.

If it was water and it was hot, I’d put that goose in it, heh.

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Spring in Swing


Update on the studio! The repairs are all but finished, just a few minor details left like putting the dishwasher back.
The wall looks perfect. You can’t tell there was ever a hole there.
It’s cleaned up, straightened up, and ready for re-stocking for this year’s workshop season!
I have a special bulk pickup with the trash people for next week to take away the old toilet.
Next up–finish clearing out the gardens.
It’s been gorgeous here this week. Weather in the 70s and sunny! My lilac is budding.
Daffodils are blooming!
The goats are excited about the gardens coming in, too.
I might have to actually do something about this soon if I want to have any flowers. But! I have a new hired man starting today. Robbie used to come out with Adam sometimes a couple years ago, then Adam worked by himself here last year. Adam’s working fulltime now, but Robbie’s back! And I’ve got a spring list of farm labor that needs done, so he’ll be out here several times to get things caught up then as needed going forward. I’m SO happy to have a hired man on call again!
Sassafras Farm is back in business!

It IS spring!

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