June Cows, Cheese, Soap, and Baking!


Come learn at the farm!

June Cheese, Soap, and Baking!
June 14 – June 15, 2013

The five-day July retreat for Cheesemaking & the Family Cow, Baking, and Soap & Herbs is completely filled now except for two available spots for the Soap & Herbs workshops. (If interested, see here for details and email me at CITRevents@yahoo.com.) There are also a few spots available in the upcoming Wool and Herbs workshops–see here, asap, because this one’s coming up fast, in less than two weeks, first of May.

Since we’re spilling out in cheese, soap, and baking, I’m going to open a combined two-day series of workshops on those topics for June. Cheesemaking and the family cow and soap will be combined in one day in condensed sessions with baking the second day. You can come for both days, or choose one, up to you!

Points to note–

Accommodations are not included. Accommodations in Elkview, WV, approximately 15 minutes from Sassafras Farm (closest and most convenient hotel to the farm): Elkview Inn & Suites. Their info is: 101 The Crossing Mall, Elkview, WV 25071, 1-304-965-9200. You can also find other options on the Suggested Accommodations page. (Come with a buddy and split your costs.) You’re responsible for making your own arrangements. If you’re local, you won’t need a hotel.

All meals are included. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks will be home-cooked and served right here from the studio kitchen, and will focus on fresh, culturally iconic and delicious West Virginia foods.

Teens are welcome. Mature teens 13 and up may sign up to attend retreats at Sassafras Farm accompanied by a paid attendee parent/guardian.

Spaces are limited. Smaller groups will allow a greater focus on the quality that I want–of each workshop, of each meal, and of the entire experience. But it also means–if you want it, don’t delay!

Open NOW for registration:


IMG_6401This shorter June retreat will span two days, including one day of working with all things cheesy and the family cow along with making a milk soap, plus one day of yeast breads, biscuits, and pie. Choose to attend one day or both! All workshops and activities will take place at Sassafras Farm in Roane County, West Virginia.


Dive into the joy of home cheesemaking with a cheesy adventure at Sassafras Farm! In the soft cheese session, experience making your own mozzarella from start to tasting. In the hard cheese session, we will make a hard cheese from pot to press, and you will leave with hard cheese demystified, ready to go home and make your own! And whether you are thinking of getting your own cow or just want to experience the whole process from cow to kitchen, we will also be at the barn where every attendee will get hands-on practice milking a cow both by hand and by machine and practicing handling fresh milk from filtering to skimming cream. Learn all about handling a cow, breeding, housing, feeding, and managing a calf along with managing a family cow, hands on. The day will also include a full hot process soapmaking session in which you’ll make your own batch of farm-fresh milk soap to take home!

Breads, Biscuits & Pie Day – Saturday, June 15, 2013

Carry on with the journey or just jump in for a day of hands-on baking secrets! There are few things more satisfying in life than taking a warm loaf of yeast-risen bread made from your own hands out of the oven. Using simple ingredients, you will learn the steps of mixing, kneading, and shaping to create your own fresh-baked rolls, loaves, pizzas, coffeecakes, and more using the Grandmother Bread recipe. With your own experience and individual guidance, you will leave this workshop with the knowledge and skill to make homemade bread a part of your daily life. Say goodbye to store-bought bread! We’ll work with whole grains also and even bake bread with whey fresh from the cheesemaking workshop. You’ll say goodbye to canned biscuits (yuck!) or frozen pies, too, because we’ll have a biscuit-making session followed by a pie-making workshop. Leave with the skill to make your own biscuits from scratch and the secrets of tender, flaky pie crust that never fails. Your family will love you for this one!


Write your own ticket! The Cheese, Family Cow, and Milk Soap Day, the Baking Day, or both. The Cheese, Family Cow, and Milk Soap Day is $90 per person. The baking day is $50 per person. If you choose both days, the total is $140.

How do you sign up?

Email me at CITRevents@yahoo.com and tell me what you want to sign up for (Cheese, Family Cow, and Milk Soap day, the Baking day, or both. I will need the full name, address, and phone number for each attendee. (You may sign up for a friend if you are coming together.) I will send you payment information at that time. Directions to the farm and other information will also be provided to attendees in advance of the retreat.

A 50 percent downpayment will be required to reserve your place. The remaining balance will be due by May 15. If you sign up, please plan to attend. Retreat reservations are nonrefundable.

Not only does offering retreats in this way at Sassafras Farm enable me to provide a higher quality and more in-depth experience, it also allows the full atmosphere of the farm to become part of the experience. The Cheese, Family Cow, and Milk Soap day includes hands-on work with animals as part of the event, but every workshop at every retreat at the farm will include multiple opportunities throughout the day for attendees to visit with the animals, feed a goat a cookie, pet the horses, and join in farm chores if you choose–collecting eggs, milking Glory Bee, tossing hay, cleaning out the chicken house…. Did I sneak that last one in on you?

party2011Evenings will provide casual time to enjoy a bonfire after supper. This is a real retreat to a farm, and I’m committed to making it an awesome experience for each person who is here. I will be welcoming each attendee not just to the studio and the farm but to my home.

Glory Bee’s waiting for you!
Let the adventure begin! See you at the farm!

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Posted by Suzanne McMinn on April 19, 2013  

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  1. 4-19

    Wish I were closer…maybe one of these days….

  2. 4-19

    Oh I want to come to Day 1 so much! But I have a crippling phobia of flying, I just drove to Pittsburgh and back (I live in St Louis) and am driving to Denver and back the week after your class. So I really don’t see this happening. Hopefully I can carve out time for one in the future. That day would have been perfect though because cheese and soap are the two things I really want to learn. *sigh* I really wish I could handle flying.

  3. 4-19

    Oh, how I wish I wasn’t so far away!
    Buglady77, have you thought of taking the bus? Or train? And then renting a car in WV.
    There was a topic on the forums last year about ride-sharing to retreat, can’t find it right now, perhaps you could connect with someone in your area.
    Just a thought!

  4. 4-19

    Thanks for the suggestions, brookdale. I am a big fan of Amtrak whenever they’re heading in a direction I want to go and in a timely manner. Unfortunately it usually ends up including a couple connections and makes a longer trip than just driving would be. I won’t be able to make this retreat anyway since I have the trip the next week but I’ll definitely keep the forums in mind if another one comes along that I could fit on my calendar!

  5. 4-19

    Here’s the link to the ride share topic:


  6. 4-19

    hey I may be able to DO this one! Have always been busy teaching at Retreat and never had time to learn anything new! Hmmmmm…..

  7. 4-20

    Just wondering, would you allow a poor, old fellow in a workshop? I’d like to attend on Friday. It would be nice to see the home place again. :)

  8. 4-20

    I’d love to have you, meigseer!

  9. 4-20

    Thanks. I’ll sign up soon. :snoopy:

  10. 5-6

    I have put in for the time off from work…. Fingers crossed! Hope to see you there!

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