All the Pretty Soaps


I’ve been playing around with soap lately, trying out different flowers, seeing what happens. Here’s the wild phlox soap.
Yep, the pretty pinks and purples turned green in the soap. Not all flowers lose their color. Here’s marigold.
And this is clover on the right, dandelion blossom on the left.
Dandelion blossom turns the soap darker after time, I’ve discovered. This is dandelion blossom soap, below to the right, after a couple of weeks.
On the left in the above photo is mint. Most herbs retain color nicely. (And if you grind them finely, they sometimes turn soap a light green.)

This is rosemary soap. (Not green–I didn’t finely grind the herb.)
Sassafras tea soap–the color comes from the tea.
This is chamomile soap, and the color here is from the chamomile essential oil itself.
I’ve also been trying a different mold. I mostly use a regular rectangular soap mold, or Pringles cans for round soaps. The chamomile soap was made using a french bread pan.
Each well will hold two pounds of soap.
Of course, there are no end caps. But–no big deal!
After lining the pan with parchment paper, I used bars of soap (also covered by parchment paper) to prop up the ends until the soap firmed up.
Soap loaf!
I like it!

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Flower Identification Test


Pop quiz!

Identify this flower!
And this one!
To be honest, I have no idea what they are. I want to dehydrate some of the petals to put in soaps, but I have no idea what to call the soap because I don’t know what the flowers are! Help!

If you’re the first person to correctly identify both flowers, I’ll send you a bar of soap!

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