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Camper Makeover: The Auction
Camper Makeover: The Reveal
Camper Makeover: Demolition
Camper Makeover: Before Pictures
Favorites for Mother’s Day
The Frisky 60s and Other Generational Cracks
A Forecast of Rambling with A Chance of News
Life, Love, and Life-Changing with Lessons
Of Chickens and Ducks and Eggs
In the News!
Last Minute Gift Ideas!
The Autumn It Was Ugly
Farm in the Fall
The Poster Child
For the Love of Hens and Chicks
The Flood
Moon Pie the Baby Stealer
Cream of Moon Pie
Morning with Milk and Eggs
An Early Spring
This Is the Life
Nobody Ever Said Winter Was Fun
The Pup Who Stole Christmas
Stories from the Workshops
Counting in Cow Time
Carmen Sandiego
Sunday, Day of Rest
Day at the Livestock Auction
40 Bales and a Secret Prince
The Aftermath of the Downpours
The Ducklings Take An Outing!
Holey Board, Batman!
Sunday Afternoon in Some Places
Calling All Janeites
A Wild Winter Storm Adventure
Hanging In
Late Bloomer
Street Cred
Surprise Visitor
Stocking Up
A Squirrely Obsession
The Log Splitter
The Conductor
A Ride in Stringtown
Available October 7!
Gettin’ Wood
A Girl, A Loaf of Bread, and A Goodbye
CITR in WV Living Magazine
Coming in Paperback!
The Tractor and I
The Goings On
A Letter from A Cat
Order in the World
My Daddy
Fences Are Good People
Maia Saves the Day!
Maia’s Upcoming Appearances
70 Degrees and Ready to Gambol
How to Make A Homemade Backbone
A Tiny Triumph!
The Food in Martinsburg
The Saga of the Struggle
New Project!
Up Trapped Holler
The Farmhouse Year in Review 2013
Christmas Angel in the Hay
The 2014 CITR Calendar
The Rat Who Came to Dinner
My Favorite Holiday Story
If You Were a Man Down My Holler
Early Snowfall on the Farm
Pretty Little Shotgun
Real Life Characters
Taylor Books
From My Nut-Stained Fingers
Upcoming Signings
On Sale, and a Postcard from the Future
The Provocative Part
Today’s Charleston Daily Mail
The Big Giveaway
The Answer to That Question is Yes
Hello, October!
The Video Book Trailer!
First Chapter Sneak Peek
First and Foremost
This Book Is for You!
Hay the Hard Way
Entering the New Age
Trip to Texas
It’s Always About My Hair
Five Days Straight
That Chicken Deserves a Medal
A Walk on the Ridge
Limping Along
The Kind of Mother I Am
Riding New Lands
Inside the Book
The Money Shot
Photo Re-Op
Til Death Do Us Part
Coming Along
Hay Check
Why I Wrote This Book
Good Neighbors
No, There’s Not a Man on the Place
My Favorite Place
Milking in the Snow
The 2013 Chickens in the Road Calendar
And Then It Was Quiet
Riding Before the Storm
Battening Down the Barn
Coming around the Curve
Out, with Dog
Pears, and a Reflection
The Retreat and Party 2012 Report
A Real Farmer
Full Up
Farmer 101: How Much Hay?
Party on the Farm 2012 Registration Opens!
Put Down the Grapes
Important Announcement!
Day Eight
Of Water, Trees, and Tractors
Things That Happened Yesterday
People Are Funny
A Small County
Then I Tried to Drive It
There’s a Bat on My Head
There’s Always Something
My Inner Redneck
Finally! I Can Tell!
A Day with Agritourism
Don’t Laugh
Soil Sampling
Two Pipes to Nowhere
Problem, with Ramble
Something Exciting This Way Comes
An Accomplishment
In a Foreign Land
Registration Open for CITR Retreat 2012!
The Big Dig
A Memoir of the Renoir
Landing on My Feet
The 2011 Woolly Worm Report
An Unexpected Event
The CITR 2012 Calendar!
Date Set for CITR Retreat 2012!
Six Things
Power Outage #961827 in the Country
The CITR Retreat 2011 Report
The Party on the Farm 2011 Report
Party Time!
CITR Retreat Registration Ends Soon!
Hit By A Farm
A Day at the Retreat
Name Tags for You!
Trees in the Breeze
How I Spent My Summer Vacation
Party on the Farm 2011 Registration Opens!
Million Dollar Question
Countdown to the Retreat!
Bulls and Blackberries
Heads Up, Little House Fans
Ten Worst
The Season of Abundance
May! And a Question for You
Thelma Does South Carolina
Cold, Muddy, Hard
Thanksgiving in April
Retreat Update
The Other Sheep
A Slow Weekend in March
Flat Stanley Cracks the Case
Minor Alterations
CITR Retreat 2011 Registration Opens!
In Search of Mammy Jane
Prints, Posters, and More!
The Day of Being Jane
A Chickens in the Road Sampler
Taking Down Christmas
A Snowy Day
Christmas Card
A Gingerbread Man’s Dream
Canning & Crafts Retreat!
High and Low
Get Your Homemade Christmas!
National Eat Pie for Breakfast Day
Photo Contest
Extraordinary Days
Open Letter to Dave Belanger
Morning at the Milk Stand
Final Preparations
A Book, Really?
The Annual Woolly Worm Report
The Party on the Farm 2010 Report
Heritage Days
Teen Takes Ten Years Off Mother’s Life
The 2011 Calendar is Here
The Summer It Didn’t Rain
Dirty Jobs
Then They Arrested Me!
Winter Training Regimen
Local, State, and Feds Descend on Farm
Coming Soon (CITR Party on the Farm)
Wood for Winter
Herding Party
Stamped Out
Life on Manual
Call Before You Come
A Death in the Family
Doing Nothing
Picking Daisies
Memorial Day Mowing
Breaking Ground on the Helipad
A Salute to Mary the Operator
Not So Fast
A Slow Sunday in May
Today, It Is Green
Blowin’ in the Wind
Design Flaw
Vintage Glass Milk Bottles
The Barnyard Groweth
A Milking Song
Cows are Big
Gone Forever
The Spring of My Content
Working with Animals
Getting Fit for Company
Spring Grading
Totally Qualified to be a Farmer
My New Hero
Pieces of My Broken Heart
Going to Town
In My Dreams
Back to the Barn
And When There’s Six of Me, It’ll be Perfect
A Very Romantic Giveaway
Feathering the Nest
An Old-Fashioned Egg Basket
Winter in the Country
The Snowy Here and Now
My Day Off
A Gentle Snow
Acme Driving School
Snow Days
They Were Just About to Get the Poker Chips and Sit Down at the Table
So Much Drama
The Height of Vanity
Drama Hens
A Day to Keep House
The Whos Down in Whoville
Back from the Snowy Beyond
Emergency Broadcast System
Reflections from a Snowswept Morning
Intentional Christmas
Getting Ready for Christmas
Winter Encounter
The Ball Blue Book Project
Winter Comes Calling
The Best Kind of Barn
How (Not) to Start a Fire in a Wood Stove
Win a 2010 Chickens in the Road Calendar!
Let There Be Fire
Dare Debbie
It’s Not Just a Road, It’s an Adventure
Pear Pressure
Trick or Treat
Mountain Mama, Take the Wheel
An Ordinary Day
Chickens in the Road Party on the Farm 2009
The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree
I’m in Trouble Now
Trip to a Hay Meadow
On an Early Autumn Weekend
The 2010 Chickens in the Road Calendar Has Landed
A Cautionary Tale
She Always Knew She Was a Calendar Girl
The River Ford
In the Works
A Small Treatise on Kindness
Preparing for Winter
A Clothesline
A Good Tired
One of These Things Is Not Like the Other
Where’s That Little Red Hen When You Need Her?
Harvest Home
A Summer Verse
Escaped Goat Leads Stringtown Farmer on Slow-Speed Chase
Hello, Farm
Country Mouse in the City
dot Dot DOT
Pasties, Cream Tea, and Kippers, Oh My
It’s Just a Small Castle
Plain English
Very Woo-Woo
Clotted Cream Wishes and Merry Sheep Dreams
There and Back Again
A Strange Summer
Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay
Milking Party
I Could Have Had a Very Happy Life with That Bee
Q & A
Goodnight Spring
Will the Real Spring Please Stand Up?
Kitten Drinking His Bottle
Around the Farm
A Walk in the Flood
Hello, Home
Hello, Detroit
Chickens in the Road on Public Radio
You Are Here
Finding Spring
In Like a Lion
Now I Know
Announcing the Chickens in the Road Newsletter
Snowed in: The Sequel
Fun for Me and You
When Animals Attack: The “Lost” Farm Episode
A Girl Can Dream
A Chickens in the Road Sampler
Snowed Under, Send Aluminum Foil
A Slight Thaw, a Scare, and a Spectacular Ending
Goodbye, I Love You, See You in the Spring
Notes from the Edge
And This is the Watered Down Version
Little Bitty
Call Me Brenda Starr
My Favorite Gift
Our Tree
Old Stringtown Holiday Gift Guide 2008
Two Boys and a Tree
Over the Hill and Through the Woods
Remember to Feed the Birds
Life, Snowed In
I Work for Comments
Devoting an Entire Post to That Question
I am Too Full to Write
First Snow on the Farm
Engraved Invitation
It’s a Miracle
Behind the Scenes
I Spy
Ridin’ in the Parade
The 2008 Woolly Worm Report
Chickens in the Road Goes to School
It’s a Petting Zoo, a Food Festival, a Cheesemaking Demonstration, a Chickens in the Road Party!
My New Book
Not Getting Everything Done
Chore Boots
Everybody Dies Famous in a Small Town
Introducing the Forum
I Wonder If
A Life-Altering Moment
Falling Out of Summer
Late, As Usual
My Fabulous Day
People Plagiarize Blogs, Who Knew
Random Turkeys
In Which Coco Makes an Announcement
A Good Rain
A Day in the Life
In the Interest of Decluttering
Here’s to You and the Poll Results
Maybe I Should Have Offered Money
I Bet People Who Wear Pants Know What Day It Is
I’m Not a Photographer, Though I Play One on the Internet
Cuteness Overload
I Knew I Shouldn’t Drive the Tractor
The Tractor Has Landed
I Might Finish Paying For It By the Time I’m Dead
The Scampering Bunny Has Left the Building
A Moment of Gratitude
Guess What We Got!
When Water Attacks
Message from the Universe
Thinking Like You’re 12
Name-That-Chick Giveaway (Time’s Up!)
You Can’t Ever Tell
Away in a Manger
One of Those Kind of Days
What If
They’re Good When They’re Asleep
Tough Call and a *Surprise* Contest (Time’s Up! Contest Now Closed!)
This Is My Spring
Meanwhile, Back at the Spanish Castillo
My Porch
Guess What I Got!!
Just Between You and Me
My Morning
Where’s My Chocolate Chicken?
The Comment I Love to Hate
New Farmhouse Fashion
Sweet Green
Breaking In the New Farmhouse
I See Rainbows
We Came, We Saw, We Painted
We Used to Vacation on Mars, Too, and the Little Martians? They Were So Nice.
The Great Paint Debate
Breaking News
A New Day
Some Days It’s Harder To Be Me Than Other Days
I Hope Her Future Husband Doesn’t Mind Receiving All His Instructions on a Whiteboard
What To Do When the Power Fails
You Want a Piece of Me?
I See Some Explanation Was Required
Life Lesson in the Country #476,785
Moo If You’re Ornamental
I Think I’m in Trouble
There’s Money Falling Out of the Walls!
My Happy Place
Cornmeal, How I Love You, Let Me Count the Ways
Fully Loaded
All Is Calm, All Is Bright
Christmas Eve on the Farm
Downed Tree Causes Year’s Worst Pileup
These Boots Are Stunning!
People Are Creepy
The Attack of the Giant Faucets
Simple Things
I Stand on My New Porch
Riding in Cars with Boys–and Girls
Guide To Entertaining Yourself In The Country, Tip #485
Life In A Small Pond
Woolly Worm Weather Do-Over
The Most Famous Romance Writer In West Virginia
Woolly Worm Weather
Stupid 11-Year-Old Trick #75021
Another Evening On The Farm
Not Over It Yet
A Solid Chocolaty Treat
Going Wee
Behind the Royal Curtain
Evening on the Farm
It Never Ends
Blackberry Fever

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