The Aftermath of the Downpours


The creek in the goat yard looked like this after the flooding rains we had here in the past week.
We’ve had so much rain in the past two months that brush and mud have been pushed constantly against the drains (and against the fences), clogging them mercilessly. The daily rain didn’t stop long enough to try to do anything about it. We finally got a short reprieve this weekend to at least make some partial recovery. The drains need to be pulled out and replaced with larger drains for a longterm solution, but at least for now water is again running through them.
The little bridge, which looks like this now, was flooded and moved by the rushing water.
Do you see where that large rock near the bridge was originally?

This photo, above, was taken when the bridge was being built several years ago. You can see the rock to the right of the bridge up on the bank. NOT in the creek. The rock was lifted up and moved into the middle of the creek by the water.

Of course, rain is in the forecast for today. I’ve got two of lots of different kinds of animals. I think Noah could start collecting here!

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I would have told this story yesterday, but our power was out all day from the storms. We’ve had just about nothing but rain here for the past month. Anyway! Monday evening, I was sitting on the front porch with a glass of wine chatting on the phone to my boyfriend and a green Jeep came slowly down the road then turned in at my driveway.

Now, I live in the boonies, okay. At the end of the road. I don’t get a lot of random traffic here.

The vehicle stopped halfway up the driveway and a man got out of the Jeep and started walking up the bank to the front yard.

I said, “Can I help you?”

He said: “A co-worker showed me your website and I live near here so she wanted me to find out if it was real.”

Me: “There are the cows, there are the goats, there are the chickens, there are the horses.”

Green Jeep Man: “And there’s the barn. I guess it’s real.”

Me: “Yes. And here’s me. I’m real.” I was still sitting in the rocking chair on the porch, and he was still walking toward me. “And I’m just relaxing on my porch and I’m not wearing any pants.”

The man started backing up.

Me: “And that’s really real.”

Green Jeep Man kept backing up. “I’m sorry!”

Me: “It’s okay. Stop by sometime when I’m wearing pants!”

I’m real, too. Just be glad I’m not posting a picture of me without pants to prove it.

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