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So many of you commented or emailed me about Kickstarter that I had to check it out. Kickstarter bills itself as “a new way to fund and follow creativity.” It’s a funding platform to help creative projects get off the ground. The Kickstarter philosophy: “A good idea, communicated well, can spread fast and wide. A large group of people can be a tremendous source of money and encouragement.”

Kickstarter accepts creative projects only, and a project must be accepted and approved by Kickstarter before it can launch. The Studio at Sassafras Farm project was accepted!

The way it works–you pledge your chosen amount. The funding is all-or-nothing. The project must meet its goal, be fully funded, or no money changes hands. For each pledge level, there is a reward you (as a contributor) will receive if the project is fully funded. There’s a time limit! I’ll have 30 days to meet my goal. You can keep an eye on the “days left” and the pledge totals every time you check the page.

The goal for the project must be enough for 100 percent completion so that your project is ready to open the doors. It’s exciting and scary–if you don’t meet your goal, you get nothing! (Scary!) If you meet it, you’re in business! (Exciting!)

You can help me even if you can’t contribute a pledge. A Kickstarter project depends on community and sharing. Please share my Kickstarter project link on your Facebooks, Twitters, and anywhere else you can! The more people who know about a project, the better the project’s chances of success. I added a few of my most popular farm videos to the page so there is something fun there to share with friends and family.

You can contribute as little as one dollar. Thousands of people can make thousands of dollars!

See me on Kickstarter and please spread the word! Here is my Kickstarter project page:

The Studio at Sassafras Farm

Thank you for your support! Let’s have fun with this!

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No Way, Really, Seriously


Morgan started a blog.

It’s disturbing and strange. My child started a blog! I can’t let my child have a blog. Talk to the world. And yet, she didn’t ask my permission. And I’m so proud of her. If the internet had existed when I was her age, I would have done the same thing.

She had it going for a few days before she told me.

Her blog is called An Open Book, and it’s about the books she reads. (Whew, not personal.) She is an avid reader, and she often recommends books to me–and I read them. Recent recommendations from Morgan include The Secret Life of Bees (I’m still reading that one) and Daddy-Long-Legs, which I’m going to read next. On the downside, she has an enormous fixation with Pride and Prejudice and reads zillions of Mr. Darcy spin-offs. I don’t read those. She’s a very good writer, and passionate about the books she reads.

I told her to email the link to her blog to me, and I read it, then I tried to help her. Morgan, do you want help? How about a design? Can I help you with some design? How about your own domain? Can I get you a domain? Morgan, what can I doooooooooo?

No, no, no, she didn’t want any help.



She just started her blog. She has no readers. No followers. She writes to be read! Ha! She longs to inspire others to read the books she loves.

Excerpt from Morgan’s blog: “Oh, how I wish someone would read this precarious post and be inspired to read at least one of these novels. ”

This precarious post. I swoon. That is so ridiculous, I could have written it myself!

Morgan: “You could post the link on your blog.”

I spent a few days thinking about this. Then I told her, “Morgan, if I post the link to your blog, people are going to read it. I’m not sure you understand how many people will have the link to your blog if I post it. Are you sure that is what you want?”

Am I sure that is what I want? She is my child! The internet! Scary!

And yet she is just writing about books, and if I were her age, I would be doing the same thing, and if I had someone who could help me get people to read it, I would have wanted that, too. I have always written to be read, and she has the gene. And I’m proud of her. She won’t cook! But she is writing a blog.

She knows how to get to me.

The only post on her blog that I found questionable was one on January 31, titled Nothing Special, in which she complains about adults going through kids’ things and not respecting them. I said, “Morgan, I haven’t gone through any of your things! LATELY!” Then she told me the post was about a substitute teacher at school. So just remember that.

You can find Morgan here: An Open Book

She would love to have some followers, and even her first comment.

Thank you!

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